Doing Our Nails


March 24, 2010 by greenhouse04

I’ve found that a really good way to spend one-on-one time with Ellie is to paint her nails.  After her quiet time is over, Jake is usually still napping, so she and I have some time alone.  I’ve probably painted her nails at least six times in the past 7 weeks.

You have to understand something about Ellie – she is a “girly-girl”  Anything pretty or accessory, she loves.  Purses, sunglasses, necklaces, “wrists” (watches), “rarengs” (rings), “pretty lips” (lip stick), hair clips – anything.  She’ll keep herself occupied for 20 minutes putting on various pairs of shoes.  So painting her nails is great fun for her.

This afternoon while Jake slept we painted our nails.  As soon as I suggested the idea, her whole face lit up and her big, brown eyes got wide.  “Yes!  Please?!” she cried, and ran to my bedroom door.

We went into my bathroom, where I proceeded to remove the old polish – a dark purple.  She wanted to see the old polish on the cotton swab, then announced that she “likes that stuff” (the polish remover).  But, she added, “I shouldn’t drink it.”  “No,” I replied seriously, “it would make you throw up.”  She looked at me with wide eyes.

Then I gave her three choices of color: pink, bronze, and bright red.  As expected, the chose the bright red.

I shook the bottle a little, then she wanted to shake it.  She carefully tapped it against the inside of her wrist.  She tapped the bottom of the bottle for a while, then turned it over to tap the lid as well.  (I gave it a few more shakes when she was done to make sure it was well mixed.)

Then I proceeded to paint her tiny nails.  I’m proud to say that I’m getting better each time!  As soon as I was finished with one hand, she turned it toward her mouth to blow on it.  Inevitably, she brushed her lips against one of the nails, leaving bright red polish on them.  She had dark purple polish on her lips for a whole day after the last painting!

Today I ventured bravely where I had not yet gone before – I let her paint my nails!  I prudently selected a light color, then first showed her how to wipe most of the polish off of the brush.  She then very carefully, with intense concentration, smeared the polish on my nails.  No spillage (thank goodness), and a very interesting swirling pattern was the result!  Right now I have a left hand of nails with quite a bit of polish on them, and a right hand that has a well-slathered pinky and a middle finger with barely one swipe.  I love them.

When we were finished, Ellie helped me put everything away, making sure I put my trash can back in place.  She is also a very helpful little girly-girl.


One thought on “Doing Our Nails

  1. Mother says:

    I love your story – so sweet – in the hard times to come, when you have to say good-bye, I will pray you will know the miraculous grace and love of Jesus.

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