Seven Weeks and Three Days… and Counting

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March 24, 2010 by greenhouse04

Hello again!  After a couple of months, I’m finally writing again to report that we are officially Foster Parents!  Only two weeks after recieving our temporary license, we were plunged into parenthood.  We accepted the placement of “Ellie” and “Jake”, brother and sister, into our home.  Ellie is 3, turning 4 in June, and Jake is 1, turning 2 in June.

It has been quite the ride, to say the least.  As the title reveals, Jake and Ellie have been with us for 7 weeks and 3 days, as of today.  When they first arrived, it was like being plunged full-body into ice water.  The shock overwhelmed us, and it was all we could do to stay afloat and keep breathing.  Every little detail about our lives changed.  We went from an independent, rather self-centered married couple, to a family of four.

After a couple of weeks with the kids, the shock wore off, and we were merely cold.  We even started swimming a bit.  I discovered that I could successfully clean the bathrooms with two toddlers around, and that letting Ellie “help” with laundry or dishes was actually fun!

After a month, we found our bodies relaxing and adjusting to the frigid temperature.  I had many “firsts” beneath my belt: first bath to two toddlers at once, first shots, first doctor visit, first shopping trip with children, first cold successfully overcome, first Sunday morning getting ready for church, first baking of a cake with a three-year-old’s help.

By now, the water doesn’t seem so cold (usually), and we’re comfortable with our new situation.  In fact, I’ve switched from wondering how soon their parents can have them back, to wondering how I’ll deal with their departure.

Because their return home to their parents seems very likely.  The parents are doing very well – in fact, we’ve met them several times now, and they’ve even been to our home.  But for now, they’re our kids, living here with us.  For a while at least we’re a family of four.  Which is a lot more interesting, stressful, busy, overwhelming, restricting, and rewarding than being a family of two!


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