First Day of School


April 6, 2010 by greenhouse04

Just a few minutes ago I sent little Ellie out the door with Mr. Green for her second day of school.

Moments before that, she was putting on her school clothes and said with a beautiful smile on her face, “I’m happy!”  Then she crawled on my lap and gave me kisses and snuggled down against me.

But as soon as Mr. said it was time to go, she hopped off, put on her huge pink and blue backpack, and headed for the door.  Her face full of anticipation for another day of school, she waved to me several times as she headed out.  My heart swelled with joy as I watched her go – what a little sweetheart!  And I’m so glad that she still wants to go to school on the second day.

As you can guess, yesterday was her first day of school.  The night before I laid out her clothing so she could dress in the living room and let Jake sleep longer.  There was a little debate in my mind as to what she should wear – I wanted to be practical, but I also wanted to make her cute – to show her off a little the first day (as I’m sure most parents can understand).  So I settled on her dark blue pant and jacket set, with the bright pink top, given to her by her biological grandmother.

The next morning my alarm went off at 6:41, and I quickly got myself dressed and ready.  Then at 7:10 I crept into their dark bedroom and carried Ellie out to the recliner in the living room.  Poor little thing was sound asleep, and took a while to wake up.

She eventually woke up enough to get dressed, and by the time her hair was in a pony tail she was wide awake and excited to go to school.  She took her backpack into the bathroom with her, then when she was all ready she posed with it for pictures.  Its a huge (regular-sized, huge for a 3 year old), pink backpack I found for $3 at Walmart, and she loves it.

Then we drove the 12 miles to school.  It was fun seeing all the early-morning wildlife (as long as its never deer!).  I saw a coyote loping across a field, meadowlarks swooping together alongside the car, and a little family of ducks who lives in the ditch outside of town sticking their heads under water for breakfast.  The trees were all putting forth their delicate spring colors – pink and white blossoms, tiny green leaves, and some still with only a hint of a green blush softening their branches.  The wheat fields are a deep, luxurious green, and cover the landscape like huge, perfect lawns of grass.

When we finally arrived at the school we walked up to the front door hand-in-hand.  The buses had already arrived, so there was no one in sight.  The dear, clumsy little girl tripped once as we walked up, and I’m sure she was filled with excitment and nervousness as she neared the big brick building.

Once inside, we found the gym and were immediately taken under the wing by a teachers aide.  I had to sign a paper and was given information by another woman, so I wasn’t able to say a proper goodbye to Ellie.  Soon they were lining the kids up, showing Ellie who to stand behind, and I saw her wee little white face and dear little blue and pink body walk off down the hall with the other kids.

Finally, when I was finished talking to the lady, I went off in search of Ellie to say goodbye.  I found her in line in the bathroom.  As soon as she saw me, her face lit up and she said eagerly, “we washed our hands!  We’re going to eat brea-fast!”  I laughed, and knelt down to give her a last hug and kiss.  Then she was off down the hall with the other kids to eat “brea-fast.”

I have to admit my eyes got a little misty as I walked back out the doors.  She’s so cute!  So eager, so willing, so precious!  I signed her up because I think school is a very good place for her right now – she is an endlessly curious, active little girl, and I welcomed the thought of a little break for four mornings a week where I could focus on Jake.  Also, whenever we’d pass a school, playground, or bus, she’d say “I want to go to school!”

But I also have had some doubts – should she really be going already?  She’s not even quite 4!  Can she handle getting up earlier in the morning? (can I handle it!)

But after seeing her eagerness and excitment yesterday, and after a very relaxing morning with Jake (who was in a wonderful mood after not being woken up too early by his sister!), and after the teacher saying they had a very good first day, I’m happy she’s going to school.

And that’s just been confirmed this morning in the fact that she’s still eager and excited to go, even on the second day.


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