Potty Adventures


April 8, 2010 by greenhouse04

Hehe… I’m just imagining my dad’s horrified expression as he reads the title to this post! (he’s very discreet about such topics)  But yes – this is a post about the many potty adventures a parent of toddlers experiences!

I am glad to report that Ellie is pretty much fully potty trained – thanks to her first foster mom!  What a relief!  However, she does need occassional reminders to go to the bathroom.  And, they often need to be firm reminders, since she has a tendancy to get distracted.

Case in point – we were at Saint Francis (our foster agency) for a special foster parent forum back in February.  During the meal, Ellie told me she needed to go potty, so we went the bathroom.  This was a big bathroom, with several stalls, and Ellie spent the first few minutes checking out each stall in turn.  I encouraged her to chose a stall, but her curiosity overcame her bathroom urgency, and she soon announced that she had already gone potty! Thankfully, I had a change of clothing for her in my very stylish diaper bag that Mom gave me.  That wasn’t the last time I was thankful for the change of clothing, either!

Just two days ago, on Tuesday, we were driving down the road just a few minutes from our house on the way to Ellie’s therapy appointment.  We were, in fact, going to barely make it in time.  At this moment, Ellie announces that she has to go potty.  I look at her in my rear-view mirror in disbelief.  We have 30 minutes to go with not a single gas station in between!  We don’t have time to turn around!  And I’ve learned from experience that when Ellie says she has to go, she really has to go!

After 5 minutes of trying to make her understand the importance of holding it till we get to our destination, I give it up as a lost cause.  I’d rather be late to her appointment than have a wet car seat.  So, I turn onto a less-used road, pull over beside a ditch edged with trees, and have her go there.  Well, as all women know, it’s not easy to direct the stream while squatting in a grassy ditch!  So, of course, her shorts get wet.  Thankfully I have a change of clothing for her in my bag, and in a couple of minutes we’re off down the road.

That wasn’t the only potty adventure last Tuesday.  I also experience one with Jake.

Jake is beginning to understand that most people go potty in a toilet.  Some of my friends tell me that he’s ready to be potty trained because he’ll tell me when he’s going potty in his diaper.  It’s so cute – he’ll point to his diaper and say with a very serious, matter-of-fact expression, “potty.”  Then he’ll point to the bathroom and say “potty.”  The only problem is, by the time I have him on the potty chair he’s done going potty.  I’m still waiting for the day he actually goes in the chair.

On Tuesday I had just changed his diaper and decided to let him run around without one for a while to let his diaper rash dry out.  I thought he surely wouldn’t need to go potty for the next few minutes – I’d just changed his diaper!

Jake showing off his diaper (well, he’s really trying to put on Mr.’s shoes)

Well, I was wrong.  A couple of minutes later we were all in my bathroom doing something, when I turn around to see a nice wet spot under Jake on my bathroom rug.  I grab him and stick him on the toilet – but he was already done.

Or so I thought… only a few minutes after that I came up the stairs with a basket of laundry to discover he’d piddled on the rug by the back door!  Surely he’s done now, I thought!

But once more, I was wrong.  About 5 minutes later we were in the kids’ bathroom doing Ellie’s hair, when I turn around to see Jake squirting all over!  I quickly put him on the potty chair and he….. does nothing!  However, he does happily wipe himself with toilet paper and flush the big toilet!

I’m just so glad all those accidents were on easy-to-clean surfaces, and not on the carpet!  And I’ve decided that keeping a diaper on Jake is a safe thing to do.

Before I forget, I’d better go stick another change of clothes in my diaper bag.


4 thoughts on “Potty Adventures

  1. meme3kids says:

    Love the stories, keep writting. I almost wrote “Keep Going” then realized what a pun that would be:)

  2. Mother says:

    Chuckle, chuckle — I’ll be sure to direct Dad to this post!

  3. greenhouse04 says:

    Do! And Steve Harrier says he wants a story of us being potty trained! 🙂

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