Cute Boy, Part 1: Blossoming Boy

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April 13, 2010 by greenhouse04

I’ve written a bunch about Ellie, but not so much about Jake, so I’m going to write a series of posts about him.  These’ll just be little stories about him to help you see how cute (I think) he is.  It may bore you to death!  But I’ll be glad of the reminder after he’s gone.

He’s changed a lot in the two months we’ve had him – he’s definitely blossoming.  At first, he just grunted, was grumpy a lot, and didn’t have tons of energy.  Then, once he started warming up to us (and his ear infection was finally cleared up by antibiotics), he became a cheerful, talkative, and very active little boy.  And he’s becoming more and more so all the time.

It seems like he adds a new word to his vocabulary every day.  For awhile his only word seemed to be “ball,” but now he repeats pretty much anything you say.  He has yet to say a short sentence, but I’m waiting for it!

He even tries his hand at longer words, like “grasshopper.”  That came out “raa-howu,” but at least the vowel sounds were close!

Other than “ball,” probably his favorite word is his version of my name – “Reeza.”  He can say this with many different tones: commanding (his favorite), imperious, urgent, excited, and wistful.  He mostly says it loudly, and he’ll try mixing the tones up in an effort to get my immediate attention.

He’s begun trying to count with me, too.  I’ll say “one”, and he’ll say “doo” (I’m imagining that he’s saying “two).  Then I’ll say “two”, and he’ll say “ba.”  Then I’ll say “three” and he’ll say “doo” again.  Sometimes he comes up with other short words to say that make him feel like he’s counting with me.  Very cute!

He’s also blossomed physically.  In my opinion he has great coordination for his age, and this has developed a lot since he came to us.  He goes up and down stairs with ease, runs quite a distance without falling (he likes to shout “ready… GO!” as he runs – it actually sounds like “reeeeeEEE….. DOE!), and climbs up the 10-foot slide at the park without missing a beat. (that last one scares me)  He’s also discovered that it’s fun to walk across the teeter-totters, and he has yet to lose his balance.  Remember, he’s not yet 2!  (I’m impressed, at least)

Last but not least, his strong will has also blossomed.  I’m trying to develop my own strength of will to match his – well, preferrably to overcome it.  More on this in the next “Cute Boy” installment!


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