Cute Boy, Part 2: A Will to Match My Own

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April 14, 2010 by greenhouse04

Jake is very different from his sister.  Where she’s extremely sensitive and pretty compliant, he’s much stronger willed and needs stricter discipline.  While she’s demanding of attention and very social, he’s more low-key and a lot more content to entertain himself.  All-in-all, he’s more stubborn and less of a people-pleaser.

Some of the times he’s cutest are when he’s defing your authority!  Just last Sunday night in the nursery at church, he was trying to open the door.  I told him that if he opened it, I’d put him in time out.  He just held on to the handle and gave me the biggest, cutest grin!  It was hard to keep from smiling back.

Yesterday he did something new while challenging my authority – he winked at me!  His winking is to blink both eyes, and I just taught him to do this last week – very cute!  Sadly, its even cute when being used to defy my authority!

Here’s an example of how stubborn he can be.  One day last week we had a play date with some families from church.  At one point, Mr. pushed all 5 kids around in the wheelbarrow – something Jake LOVES.  Well, after Mr. was finished, Jake was still not done.  He wanted to be pushed some more, and he was determined!  Finally, I just sat him in the wheelbarrow – and he sat there, all of us ignoring him, for 20 minutes!

Thankfully, I have a pretty strong will myself (although I’m not very stubborn).  I’m sure my strong will drove my mother crazy at times when I was little, but I’m thankful for it now!  I don’t think Jake likes me less for not backing down to his desires – I can tell that he’s a happier boy after I’ve disciplined him and shown him that there are solid boundaries.

Besides, I think Jake and I have an understanding and respect for one another.  After all, he’s learning that I have a will to match his own!


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