Cute Boy, Part 3: Favorite Things


April 17, 2010 by greenhouse04

Jake’s personality has been coming out a lot lately, too.  Here are a few of his favorite things.

His favorite word is “ball.”  Any ball he sees, whether a real one or a picture of one, he’ll point to and excitedly yell “ball!”  It doesn’t matter if its really a picture of a ball either – anything round is a ball to him.

I’ll never forget one day as he sat on the floor looking at a catalog for childrens’ church supplies.  He found several pictures with lots and lots of balls in them.  He was overwhelmed!  He sat there for probably 10 minutes pointing at the pictures and yelling “ball, ball… BAAALLL!!” 

Whenever we go to church I have to remember to shut the door to one of the classrooms with a big bucket of outside balls (basketballs, footballs, etc) in it.  As soon as he sees that bucket he’s pulling out the balls – and he doesn’t understand that we don’t throw basketballs inside a church!

He also loves trains (this should make you happy, Dad!).  He’ll hear a train before I do, and announce it with a high-pitched “choo choo!”  Of course, he also loves tractors and trucks, and they make the “choo choo” sound, too.  He’s also learned to say “bump bump!” when we drive over train tracks.

Another thing he loves is music.  We listen to a cd of kids’ songs in the car.  He’ll clap his hands and shout “Horray” to “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” and he’ll try to sing along with the ABC song.  He’ll also start dancing when I turn music on at home – his little hands in the air and his rear bopping up and down.

Just today at lunch I was singing and conducting with my arms, and Jake was waving his arms and singing right along with me!

I’m also proud of the fact that we’ve successfully instilled in him a love of books.  He’ll listen to me read a book for half-an-hour!  Sometimes he even sits down on the floor with one of my books (no pictures!) and flips through the pages for quite a while.  This morning, Ellie and I were playing on the couch, and I look over to see Jake ensconced in the recliner, a big book open on his lap.

Finally, he loves to eat.  Anything we put in front of him – even fried okra, squash, and pickled beets.  Yes, beets!  We went to a restaurant one day with a friend, and she gave him some of her beets to try.  He ended up eating most of them!

Along with eating, he likes to tells us that certain food is “hot.”  Once he’s informed us of this with a matter-of-fact tone, he’ll proceed to blow on the food to cool it down.  The other day, we were outside and he discovered that Ellie’s bike seat was hot – and, of course, he started blowing on it!

His favorite food, however, is fruit, specifically grapes and oranges.  He’d eat those things till he burst if he could.  He’s definitely a healthy, growing boy!


One thought on “Cute Boy, Part 3: Favorite Things

  1. Mother says:

    Love it — keep them coming!

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