Cute Boy, Part 4: Laughter & Hugs

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April 19, 2010 by greenhouse04

As my last installment in the Jake series, I want to try and paint a picture for you of Jake as a laughing, loving boy.

When he first came to us, and for several weeks, he hardly smiled.  I remember feeling so excited the first time he ran to me laughing, genuinely happy to see me.  Most of the time, he was just stoic – especially in public.

Now, it’s easy to get a big grin out of him, and even lots of laughter!  He loves being chased around the house (the chasing is preceeded by a mysterious “I’m gonna get you!”).  Once you catch him, he’ll scream with laughter as you tickle him.  He’s even tried this on us – he’ll bend over, put his hands into claw shapes, and say with a very mischievous look on his face “Imm gon gech ooo!!”

Lots of other things get smiles and giggles – some days it seems like anything will.  (Other days it seems like nothing will!)  He’s definitely not the stoic little boy any longer.  🙂

He also loves hugs.  And I love giving them.  I’ll often squeeze him in a big bear hug while I’m holding him, and he’ll squeeze as hard as he can back.  When I ask for a hug, he’ll readily give me one.  One day, we were watching TV together, and he just stood up next to me on the couch and started hugging me, putting his soft cheeks against mine.  It was so heartwarming!

He’s also gotten soft-hearted toward his sister.  If she’s crying, he’ll make little sounds of concern, then go up to her and hug her.

All in all, like any child he’s full of personality, challenge, and love!


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