Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Parent


April 20, 2010 by greenhouse04

Here’s a few important lessons I’ve learned since becoming a parent.  If you have some to add, please send me a comment!

1.  If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

I’m learning that I have a lot of power through my words, attitudes, and actions to either bring joy and love to my home, or to bring frustration and stress.  I’m also learning that I have a definite tendancy to whine!!

God has been teaching me through having kids that it doesn’t matter what my circumstances are: how busy I am, how disobedient the kids are being, how little sleep I got, how cloudy the day is, how the cat just barfed on the living room rug AGAIN (right before church, too), or how I just don’t feel like being a mom any more… my circumstances are not at fault for my reactions of anger, grumbling, or moping.  I have the choice to immediately ask Jesus for help, then to get up and do what needs to be done – hopefully with a smile on my face! (even if its there because I’m gritting my teeth)

I’m also learning that when I’m stressed or overwhelmed, I’d better not expect my husband to be the knight in shining armor and make it all better!  I’m not degrading him at all, but I’m learning how much my attitude affects him, not just the kids.  Another important reason to turn to Jesus when I need a KISA! (Knight In Shining Armor)

2.  It would be helpful if God had created mothers and fathers with mind-reading abilities.

Mothers and Fathers are supposed to be an unshakable team, right?  We should be on the same page about discipline at all times, right?  Especially since we’ve had months to prepare!

HA!!  I’ve wished so many times that my husband could read my mind… especially when little eyes and ears are watching your every interaction with one another!  So God is also training me to bite my tongue and wait for a better moment… and to let Mr. do what he thinks best, even if I disagree.

3.  Your children will become little mirrors of you – for good or for bad!

And they have the ability to mimic you down to the very tone the words are spoken in!  Scary!

And revealing!  Sometimes I get so frustrated with my kids’ sin nature – then I realize that they just do more openly and blatantly the things I do all the time!  Throw fits, whine and complain, hoard toys, stubbornly do my own thing, etc, etc.

4.  I have become slightly lazy in the past 5 years since graduating from college.

The last time I was this busy was… yes, in college!  I thought I was busy before the kids arrived.  I was, suffice it to say, wrong.

5.  I need the gospel every day.

All of these little lessons that God has been teaching me have served to point to the most important lesson of all – that I NEED the gospel every day.  I need to remember and praise God that I am forgiven!  I am no longer a slave to sin because of Christ’s blood!  Jesus IS there to help me, day by day.  I DO have the Holy Spirit living in me, leading me into becoming a more loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, self-controlled person.

Like I said, send me any additional lessons you’ve learned since becoming a parent!


3 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Parent

  1. vannie says:

    Similar to #4:
    I am very selfish.

  2. greenhouse04 says:

    Yes – I’d been praying that God would help me not be so selfish … then the kids came along! 🙂 Thanks, Aunt Vannie!

  3. Aunt Karen says:

    Internalizing the gospel is the key –Jesus is , has been, and always will be all I need when I need it!!!! I must Remember that, and that my Savior wants me to depend on HIM, and become a reflection of his Love. (What a wonderful gift from God if He blesses me by allowing me to be able to see Jesus reflection in my children’s lives –which requires the Holy Spirit’s intervention:).
    Teaching my children to live for the Glory of God and that life is found in living and serving Jesus and that I find my strength in Him.
    Parenting is heart work that is what makes it such hard work.
    To find the peace which surpasses all understanding I have had to face trials so the impurities could surface and be removed (painful emotional surgery at times). I, too, am learning how important it is in choosing to trust the Lord to build my families home. Meltdown moments are unfortunately my selfish fleshly nature surfacing, however, I am learning too it is important how I handle the situation after the meltdown. Trusting the Lord to reveal the true roots of sin so that forgiveness & healing can take place. I see I fall very short when I see my own sin measured against a Holy God.

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