As If It’s Your Last…


April 23, 2010 by greenhouse04

I’ve often heard the advice that you should live each day as if it’s your last.  I’d then think, “that’s nice sounding advice – but not very practical.”  And I’d go on with my life as usual.

Whether its good advice or not, having foster children has put a new perspective on it.

Life is temporary – and it’s glaringly temporary when you’re faced with inevitably losing your children in a few months.  I now often say to myself, “soon, this will be the last time I” ….
swing Ellie.
pull Jake in the wagon.
give them a bath.
watch Beauty and the Beast with them.
sit down to a meal with two toddlers.
play dinosaurs with Ellie.
climb the 10-foot slide with Jake.
ride the merry-go-round till I’m about to throw up.
receive a bouquet of dandilions (in their seed stage!) from Ellie.
get a bear hug from Jake.
listen to little voices in the next room.
buckle them in their car seats.
sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” with them in the car.
hear Ellie ask “why?” for the hundreth time.
hear Jake say “bump bump” as we drive over train tracks.
paint Ellie’s nails.
try to play the piano with two sets of hands helping me.
hear Jake say “Uh Oh!” in his sleep.
feel soft lips kiss me on the cheek.
hear, see, feel, and experience many, many more things with Ellie and Jake.

If you’re a parent of your own children – be thankful.  They (Lord willing) will be with you all their childhood, and hopefully will still bless you in their adulthood.  But enjoy the stage your child is in now, because no matter how long it seems before they’ll finally leave the house, this stage will end, and you’ll never have it back.

As for me, my children will be leaving the house very soon, and I’m trying to take snapshots of them in my mind while they’re still here.  And I now find it not only practical, but even desireable to live each day with them as if it’s my last.


4 thoughts on “As If It’s Your Last…

  1. Sandra Jung says:

    A friend of mine at school told me to go to China to see my grandbaby – because life is short. She lost her husband to brain cancer and she knows the importance of enjoying what you have – right now. Your post made me cry — Mom

  2. Aunt Karen says:

    Our lives are but a vapor here on earth. The Lord has taught me this very reality when he took my mother home to heaven so suddenly. I have learned that it’s the relationships and what is done for Christ in those relationships that last for eternity, and that’s what it means to me to live as if today is your last. I don’t do this very well and my selfish humanness gets in the way. All too often words become swords. It is in the little things like pulling the kids in wagon, listening to the pain in their hearts and guiding them to Jesus –oh how I wish I had known so long ago what I am learning about living life for eternity and remembering to ponder along the way the many opportunities I have been given. Sadly I have missed the enjoyment and the right perspective to remember what a privilege it truly is and that the relationships God does give us are an opportunity to express God’s love to others. Those opportunities could be gone tomorrow.
    Aunt Karen

  3. Instant Mama says:

    Such a strange feeling, isn’t it? Knowing that your time with them is so limited…

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