I’m Glad I’m Not a Prophet


September 16, 2010 by greenhouse04

… and why are you glad you’re not a prophet? you ask.

Allow me to enumerate a few reasons from the lives of some Old Testament prophets themselves:

1.  When Ezekiel’s wife, his “dearest treasure” died, he wasn’t allowed to mourn her death.

2.  Isaiah had to name his child “Mahershalalhashbaz” (I wonder what they nicknamed him?).

3.  Jeremiah was forbidden to marry or have children.

4.  Hosea was told to marry a prostitute (knowing she would be unfaithful), and name his children “Not-loved” and “Not-my-people”.

5.  Ezekiel had to lie on one side for 390 days, and the other for 40 days, eating a ration of food each day! (I hope he had sheepskin so he wouldn’t get bed sores!)

6.  Elijah had to eat food brought to him by birds.

7.  Jeremiah had to wear an ox yoke.

8.  Ezekiel was commanded to prophesy to mountains. (I’m pretty sure people thought he was kinda crazy at that point)

9.  The scroll Jeremiah had written was burned, and he had to rewrite it (the ultimate computer crash before saving your document!).

10.  During Isaiah’s commissioning, he was told that he’d give his life to bring God’s message to Israel, and the fruit of all his labor would be … nothing. 

Wow — can you see now why I’m glad I wasn’t a prophet!!? 

These men were given messages from the Sovereign God, and they had to pass them on.  That’s what a prophet is – someone with a message from God, whether it be for right now or for the future.  No matter what God told them to say, how He told them illustrate the point, or what the current cultural attitude toward their message was – they had to speak it!!  What a job!

But think of what all those men had.  They saw God.  They beheld His glory.  They were told His plans, his perspective.  Their words were written in God’s very book!  Their words are, in fact, God’s words.

I hope that while those prophets were suffering under God’s demands on their life, under the ridicule and even death threats they faced, that they realized the amazing-ness of their call.  I hope they remembered the big picture – the awesome, awesome, visions of God they had.

And while I’m not a prophet, I, too, have been called to an amazing purpose by the Sovereign God.  Do I gladly accept the demands God puts on my life, in the prayer that it would call others to repentance and faith?  Do I love and forgive despite ridicule and threats… or do I rarely face such things because my message is unspoken?  Do I proclaim the vision of God that I have believed and seen and been changed by?  The vision of a wise and powerful Creator, a high and holy Judge, who took on flesh, passed through the gates of death, and rose victorious, giving the gift of life and restored fellowship to… me.  And to you.  And to all who believe on His name.

This is the message I’ve been given by the Sovereign God.  This is His message to you. 

So if a prophet is someone who speaks the message of God, I guess I am a prophet after all.


3 thoughts on “I’m Glad I’m Not a Prophet

  1. This is what author Steven James says about prophets: “Prophets yell because their hearts are on fire. They scream at the world trying to wake us up. They can’t help it. After all, God is in their throats.” I think that God is in my throat too. I definitely think that all people who call Jesus “Lord” should have a little bit of God in their throats. So maybe we are all prophets…

  2. mary green says:

    Glad you wrote this larissa. It speaks volums and in an interesting way. It spoke to my heart. Keep writing. You are gifted in this way.

  3. Eric Jung says:

    Well written sister!

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