Anecdote I

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December 23, 2010 by greenhouse04

A few memorable moments with our children have occured lately that I want to record for posterity!  So I am starting a series of posts titled “Anecdotes” for those short snapshots that I want to remember.


We had our Sunday School Children’s Christmas Program at church last Sunday night, the first in which I’ve had children involved.  Needless to say, it was a very busy and rough weekend from beginning to end.

To start, Eddie was NOT his usual cheerful, compliant self on either Saturday for the practice, or Sunday for the performance.  Meanwhile, I was crazy busy trying to get all the refreshments prepared and set up for after the program.  Yes – we provided ALL the refreshments for the 80+ people at the program.  It was our Christmas gift to the church, a tradition started by the previous pastor (who at the time had grown children!!).  I’m debating if it’s a tradition I want to continue next year.

Anyway, at the very beginning of the program, Emma and I were supposed to go on stage with another mother and her son for a “baby shower” for Jesus.  I had Emma dressed in her one-and-only, very adorable little courduroy dress.  I’d managed to keep it spit-up free all day through careful use of a bib, and I was excited to show off my beautiful little girl for our first Christmas Program together.

It was 3 minutes before the program was supposed to start, and 5 minutes before Emma and I were to go on stage.  I’d left her in charge with the ladies of the church (I’m often not sure WHO has Emma when we’re at church – she’s so popular!), and was frantically trying to finish the refreshment preparations in between reassuring Eddie of my love for him, when I finally decide it’s time to get upstairs so I’m not late for the program.

I walk into the nursery, and am immediately informed that Emma had a huge diaper which leaked out the back, through her onsie and onto her dress.  They’d quickly dressed her in the spare outfit I’d had in my diaper bag – the UGLIEST, yellow, hand-me-down, towel-like one-peice.  My heart just sinks.  Maybe I’m vain and superficial, but I honestly felt like crying.  I’d planned what she was going to wear for this all week!

I quickly made plans to run home and find something suitable, when the director poked her head in and asked with thinly-concealed panic if we’re ready to start yet.  I ask for a few more minutes, then run out to the sanctuary trying to find my little girl.  I finally spot her, take one look at her in that ugly yellow outfit, and… am amazed at how beautiful and perfect she is!!  My heart is instantly put to rest, and I tell the director that its ok, we can start.

So, 2 minutes later I’m on stage in my dress clothes, with the sweetest, most loveable little girl on my lap wearing the ugliest hand-me-down back-up outfit.  I know that the people in the audience probably didn’t care what she was wearing or couldn’t see her beauty shining through, but I could!!


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