Anecdote II

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December 23, 2010 by greenhouse04


Last night we had our Youth Night Christmas Party here at the parsonage.  One of the things we did was have a White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Eddie was very excited about the gifts.  At first, he “helped” several people open their gifts.  He didn’t quite understand why the gift he helped open wasn’t his, or why there was a chorus of urgent “NO!”s every time he tried to open a new gift from the pile.

So finally we gave him a “gift” of his own to open – a partially opened gift that no longer had the gift inside.  It was now just an old wrapping paper tube with wrapping paper around it.

He excitedly started opening his “gift.”  I was a little concerned that he would be very disappointed once he was finished and found there was nothing there.  He slowly tore little pieces of paper off, until he was finally down to the tube.

The next thing I saw was Eddie having great fun looking through the tube at one of the parents, then he was off with another little girl and his tube.  They played with that tube – unrolling it, making small objects slide though it, looking though it – for probably 20 minutes or more!  What a simple, but effective, gift for a little boy.


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