Anecdote III

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December 23, 2010 by greenhouse04


Yesterday my grandmother admonished Eddie to “take good care of little Emma now, okay?”  Since then he has taken that charge very seriously.

Besides a renewed interest in what Emma is doing at any given time, letting me know when she’s crying, and informing me of what else she needs, he asked to feed her for the first time this morning.

She was lying on the chair fussing while I was getting her bottle ready.  Eddie was standing beside her “petting” her and trying to help her calm down.

When I bring the bottle back out from the kitchen, he tells me “I feed her!”  So I sit him on the couch next to a pillow, put Emma on his lap, and help him hold the bottle.  She happily sucks away.

It was so precious!  A tiny little boy with his little legs just reaching the edge of the couch cushion with this pretty little baby on his lap.  He’s beaming.  Then he suddenly gets really excited – she’s holding his hand!  Her teensy little fingers are grasping his slighly bigger ones.  He is very pumped that she likes him.

Three minutes later he’s done, but only after “patting” her back for me while she burps.  Then he’s off to “play with my play doh really quick now, okay?”


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