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January 13, 2011 by greenhouse04

Hmmm… where to begin?  Eddie is such an entertaining, interesting, bright little boy.  He’s always talking and learning.  I definitely won’t be able to capture his personality – but I’ll try.

When he first came to us on October 2010, I was amazed at this cheerful, compliant, self-entertaining child.  So different from our first two children!  He could actually play by himself while I fixed dinner!

He remained unusually cheerful and compliant for weeks… until he finally began to feel comfortable enough with us to let his real 2-year-old nature shine through.  Just a few weeks ago he went through several days where he was anything BUT cheerful or compliant!  Since then he’s been a typical toddler – stubborn at times, whiny many times, but still a loveable, smart little boy.  Actually, I’m glad he’s finally “normal” – the cheerfulness and compliance was getting worrisome!

What I need to do is record the way he talks all day long.  It’s so cute!  He speaks very well, in long sentences, such as “I don’t want lotion on my tummy, okay?”  Or “I go tell Emma its ok, okay?” (when she’s crying)

As you can see, he also ends most of his sentences with “okay.”  This is a habit he learned from me, I’m afraid!  Several weeks after he came he started speaking like this, so I started listening to myself talk to him.  Sure enough, most of the time when I give him instructions I’ll end them with “okay?,” wanting a response.  He’s sometimes alarming with how accurately he reflects Mr. and me!

Another time, Mr. got frustrated about something and said “oh darn!”  For the next several hours I heard Eddie repeating “oh darn” softly, over and over.  Good thing we’re not swearing people!

He loves to learn new things.  You tell him something new, and you can just see his little mind trying to memorize it.  One evening we went to the home of some people in our church for supper.  I introduced them to him – “this is Gary and Becky.”  As I told him this, he got that blank, concentrating expression on his face.  Sure enough, 10 minutes later he said, “thank you, Becky.”  She was so surprised that he remembered AND used her name!

He has a great memory.  One day Mr. took him to the train tracks in town, next to which is an old grain elevator.  Two weeks later, we were talking about the train tracks.  He mentioned a “very taaall building – the elevator.”  I was so surprised!  By way of boasting, he also knows by sight ALL his letters and numbers, colors and shapes.  He’s definitely the cerebral type.

I wish I could remember the things he’s says, or let you hear his extremely cute little voice.  I’ll try and jot things down that he says to share later.


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