Anecdote IV

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February 23, 2011 by greenhouse04


When Eddie arrived at our home, he had a lot of new habits to get used to.  Some of them include regular meals, a regular bedtime, regular church activities, and… regular prayer.

At first he wasn’t so sure about the whole prayer thing.  After all, he’d probably never experienced it before.  Soon, however, he loved holding hands with Mr. and me at the table and praying.  He started saying a resounding “Amen!” after each prayer (pronouncing it “a-mwuen”), and after a while wanted to try praying himself.  His prayers would consist of quietly and self-consciously repeating after me, then heartily saying “A-mwuen!” at the end.

He also loves praying before bed.  We’ll hold his little hand while we pray, and by the end he has a big smile.

At church we sometimes have Prayer and Praise services on Sunday evenings.  At the last one, he had the choice of playing in the nursery or looking at books in the sanctuary while we prayed.  Every once in a while he’d fold his hands and bow his head with us, then say “A-mwuen” when we were finished.  He also walked down the center aisle, stopping at each pew and bowing his head on it.  So cute!

The other week he did something extremely cute that showed how much he’s gotten into prayer.  We were praying at the dinner table, he starts saying “mm-hmm.  Uh-uh.  Mmm-hm.”  He is a master at imitation.  I just hope he continues praying the rest of his life!


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