Wednesday, the 6th of April, 2011

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April 7, 2011 by greenhouse04

Wow!  What a day!!  I have to write a blow-by-blow account of this day for remembrance.

4:00 a.m.  I’m finally falling back to sleep after lying awake for almost 2 hours.  I am so glad my waiting for this day is almost over, but can’t 9:00 hurry up and come?!

6:56 a.m.  I wake up before my alarm goes off and gladly get out of bed.  Not exactly jumping out, but not dragging, either.

8:00 a.m.  The four of us are driving down the road together, on our way to our friend Lisa’s house.  The kids will spend the morning with her while we’re in town.  I’m amazed we’re on time after having only an hour to get myself and two children up, ready, and breakfasted!

8:15 a.m.  On our way to town after dropping the kids off my husband reveals to me that our beloved kitty, Morgase, is dead.  He found her in the window well this morning after battling some mysterious illness for 2 weeks and not eating.  I wonder what kind of a day this is going to turn out to be – it has the potential to be a very bad one.

8:40 a.m.  We’re already driving down 4th street in town, earlier than we expected.  We buzz by the pet store on Main to see if the cute puppy is still there.  He is!

8:50 a.m.  We’re parked outside the imposing stone courthouse, praying together before we go in.  I’m mostly nervous about seeing Emma’s parents – I’m always nervous when I see them.

8:55 a.m.  We’ve found our way to the waiting area outside the courtroom.  Emma’s father is chatting us up, explaining with enthusiasm why he’s such a good dad, “as everyone can see.”  We’re simply nodding and smiling.

9:10 a.m.  We’re called into the courtroom.  The time has finally come!!

9:12 a.m.  While everyone is still getting seated, the judge looks around a lawyer at me and asks if we’re the foster parents.  I nod and mumble yes.  Mr. tries to say, “yes, your honor” until I nudge him to let him know the judge isn’t looking at us anymore!  Mr. then informs me that its rude to nod to a judge.  Oops!

9:20 a.m.  The court is adjourned.  After listening to the attorney’s defense of the parents, she says simply, “reintegration is no longer viable.”  It all happened so fast the excitement at hearing those words takes awhile to catch up with me!

9:22 a.m.  After everyone has filed out, we talk with the caseworkers.  They explain that the next task is to submit “points of severence” to the court, in which they outline why the parental rights should be severed.  Then, on April 20th, we will have another case plan meeting in which the goal for Emma will change from reintegration to adoption.  In about 2 months there will be a termination hearing, at which time the state will decide whether or not to terminate the parents’ rights.  Once they are terminated, its a green light to adoption.  We can start the adoption paperwork at any time to speed the process.

9:30 a.m.  We are driving away, feeling relieved.  This day has finally come and we finally know the judges decision.  We believe that the Lord has shown His will today, and we’re thankful He answered our request!

Meanwhile, we notice a large plume of smoke north of town.  Since we have the whole morning ahead of us, we decide to check it out.

9:50 a.m.  We finally make it to the fire.  We’re easily led there by several fire trucks!  Its a long fire burning in the sand hills north of town – not farm land or pasture, and interspersed with expensive homes.  Needless to say there are LOTS of fire trucks!

11:30 a.m.  After completing our shopping, we find ourselves at the pet store on Main.  We have finally decided to go ahead and get the cute puppy!!  We’ve been debating this decision for 2 weeks now.  The owner of the store gives him a bath, finds his paperwork, takes our money, and we stuff him in his kennel and drive away.

12:15 p.m.  We arrive back at Lisa’s house.  Emma breaks into a huge grin and squirms with delight when she sees us.  We show off our new dog, and, of course, share the exciting news.  Eddie is very pleased about “his dog.”

1:00 p.m.  We’re finally home.  A very busy afternoon ensues.  I unpack groceries, get the dog situated, get Eddie a snack, feed Emma, put Eddie down for a nap, call a bunch of people, update facebook, eat a little something, bake cookies for the church kid’s club that afternoon, talk to some visitors, and finally collapse in front of the computer to do pointless research on Little House on the Prairie actors.  Researching actors is always disappointing.

4:00 p.m.  Eddie awakes and we all go outside.  Olver (the dog) doesn’t like his leash at first, but soon gets used to it.  He follows me wherever I go, and when I sit down he sits right next to me.  Eddie has tons of fun leading him around.

4:05 p.m.  Eddie sees a long, dissipating jet trail in the sky and says, “look, a snake!”

4:15 p.m.  Eddie is mixing mud in his plastic watering can.  He shows me the mud, and I say, “cool mud!”  He corrects me, “no, dirty mud.”

4:25 p.m.  Eddie sees dead Morgase in the window well and says, “shhhhh, kitty is sleeping.  We need be quiet.”  I don’t tell him the truth.

4:45 p.m.  At one point I wonder if Olver is going to go to the bathroom in the grass (I’m hoping).  Eddie is insistent that Olver go potty and poopy over next to his rope stake.

Eddie is just full of life and energy (and words) while we’re out there.  I wish I had a tape recorder to catch all the cute things he said!

7:00 p.m.  Supper is over, and Emma and I head to church for the ladie’s group that meets once a month.  On top of everything else going on today, I am also a hostess for the meeting tonight!

7:45 p.m.  We’re listening to the speaker and Rose is sitting next to me holding Emma.  It’s so sweet – Rose is an elderly, frail, white-haired great-grandmother who is full of quiet wisdom.  Emma, a fresh, dimply little baby, keeps turning her head to look up into Rose’s face and smile, then reach up and touch a little hand to her face.  It’s so sweet!!

10:30 p.m.  I am finally in bed.  What a long day.  Good night.


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