Year of the Babies


October 22, 2011 by greenhouse04

2011 has been the Year of the Babies! I personally know 12 women who have either given birth to a baby this year or have conceived one. Beyond that, I know of (but don’t personally know) at least 8 other women who have or soon will give birth as well! It’s fun and exciting to keep up with all these women and babies.

Here are a few statistics:

As of this writing (October 21, 2011), 7 of the 12 babies have been born. One was born at home. Only one was a boy. Only two don’t have names ending in an “a.” Two have names from the bible. Five have six-letter names. All are healthy.

Five of the babies have yet to enter this world. One of those unborn is a boy, one a girl, the other three yet unknown. One will be born oversees; three will be born in Kansas. One is a complicated pregnancy, requiring lots of prayer!

Of all the babies, three are first-born, four are second children, four are third children, and one is a fifth child! Seven of the women are related to me (6 cousins, one sister-in-law); the other five were on my floor at college. All three of my bridesmaids had/will have a baby. And most importantly, all are being born to committed Christians.

Congratulations, Laura, Joy, Andrea, Elizabeth, Bethany, Sara, Misty, Leah, Bonnie, Lingling, Grace, and Julie! Welcome to the world, Lilly, Joshua, Rebecca, Kendra, Eliana, Lenora, Sophie, and the five yet to come!


6 thoughts on “Year of the Babies

  1. debbie0628 says:

    Babies,dont we just love,cherish and adore them,absolutely gorgeous.
    We ourselves became grandparents over the last 12 months,Amelia was born on the 10th Nov,2010 and Jakai was born on the 22nd march,2011.
    They are spoilt rotten by myself and my husband,though have to say we found a good website that specialises in needs and wants for new borns,expectant moms and toddlers,it is: every thing we have purchased from this site for our 2 grandchildren arrived in awesome perfect condition
    We can not wait for more grandchildren to come along

    Stay safe and god bless


  2. greenhouse04 says:

    The day after I wrote this, baby #8 was born! Welcome, Ethan!

  3. greenhouse04 says:

    And now #9, Deborah, has joined us! Congrats to Mom Bonnie and her older brother and 3 older sisters!

  4. greenhouse04 says:

    My niece, baby #10 is born! Alia Joy, in China!

  5. greenhouse04 says:

    Another girl is born! Elliyah Faith, #11!

  6. greenhouse04 says:

    One last baby to announce! Joel Daniel was born to Julie one week ago!

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