The Mimic

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October 30, 2011 by greenhouse04

Emma has begun to mimic.  It’s very cute.  She is growing and learning and changing so fast!

Of course, the first thing she began to mimic was facial expressions, especially smiles.  She’s always been great at getting and giving smiles since she was 2 months old.

Then she started to mimic gestures.  Her first was clapping at about 7 months.  It took me by surprise to look at her and see her hitting her little fists together with a big grin on her face!  Then she copied our “so BIG” gesture, raising her little arms above her head with glee.  Then she began pointing her finger at Daddy, which he would touch with his finger and say “bing!”  Of course, she had to do all of these gestures over and over again as she reveled in her new-found skill.

Around this time I also taught her to hug her stuffed animals.  I would hug it, making cooing noises, then give it to her, and she would hug it and coo.  Now she hugs a stuffed animal as soon as she sees it, making sweet, high-pitched sounds.

Then at about 9 months she added hitting our hands for a “high-five,” then at 10 months she tried to mimic Aunt Bernice’s snapping ability.  Emma’s “snaps” were basically her rubbing her thumb and finger together, but she tried!

Since then her mimicry has expanded exponentially.  One day at naptime I was singing and patting her back, and she started to “sing” and pat my arm.  Another time she tried to put my purse’s strap over her shoulder.  Just today, she tried to brush herself off right after I had finished.

She also mimics sounds.  If I’m calling for Mr., Eddie, or the dog, she’ll start calling for them, too, copying my volume, tone, and vowel sounds.  The other day I swatted the dog for peeing on the floor, saying “bad dog!”  For the next 10 minutes, Emma was saying her own version of “bad dog,” over and over, mimicking my tone and sound level.  She’ll also try to mimic whispers, growls, and words.

It’s so amazing to watch a little person learn and grow.  I’m glad that she mimics us – its a sign that she is very bonded to us and trusts us.  I just hope that she continues to learn the right things from us as she grows older.  And she’s a reminder to me that, as God’s child, I’m to be mimicking Him as well!


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