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December 12, 2011 by greenhouse04

Yes! We are now officially in the process of adopting “Eddie” and “Emma”!  Hallelujah!!  Their reintegration social worker came out last week with the adoption social worker, and their cases have now been handed over to the adoption worker.  !!!

Of course, our first question was “how long will this take?”  I will not fully rest until they are definitely Greens.  She told me that our adoption of them should move quickly compared to most, since all our paperwork and homestudies are done, and the kids have been in our home more than six months.  (They require kids to be in the adoptive home that long before the adoption can occur)  So now there’s just a bunch of paperwork to be sent back and forth between the court, St. Francis, SRS, our lawyer, and finally the court again.  The adoption worker gave April as the outside time-frame (this is December).  So probably sometime between February and April they will be ours’!!

To give you a taste of how confusing this all can be, and why it takes so long, here’s a list of all the red-tape that is part of adopting through foster care in the state of Kansas:

1. [Our foster agency] will complete a social history.
2. The parents will provide to [Agency] a copy of the child’s S.S. Card.
3. The parents will complete the YA-2300 and ICWA Affidavit.
4. [Agency] will obtain all birth, medical, educational, and mental health documentation on the child for adoption purposes.
5. [Agency] CM (Case Manager) will notify [Agency] Adoption Supervisor of any Interested Adoption resources.
6. [Agency] Adoption Supervisor will send Adoption packet to Identified Adoptive Resource.
7. [Agency] Adoption Specialist will complete the Adoptive Family Assessment.
8. [Agency] CM will hold a Best Interest Staffing to select an Adoptive Family.
9. Selected Adoptive Resource will read the child case file.
10. [Agency] will send the Referral for Adoption Subsidy to SRS.
11. Adoption Placement Agreement (APA) and Adoption subsidy will be signed.
12. Request for Consent to Adopt will be send to SRS (Social Rehabilitation Services – Kansas’ equivalent of Child Protective Services).
13. SRS will provide [Agency] with the original Consent to Adopt.
14. Attorney packet will be sent to adoptive family’s attorney.
15. [Agency] will complete an Aftercare Plan with Adoptive Family.
16. [Agency] will obtain certified Journal Entry of the Adoption Decree upon finalization and send it to SRS.
17. [Agency] will request release of custody from the court of jurisdiction.

Now the process is a clear to you as it is to me!  And we’re on number 8!!  Yay! And of course, this didn’t include the steps of the judge actually deciding the kids will be adopted, then severing the parents’ rights, and all that entails.

But, even legal processes eventually grind to an end, and we are finally seeing the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. We’re not there yet, and we still fear at times that something will happen to hinder or stop the process, but life at its best is always uncertain. So we continue to enjoy each day we have with these precious kiddos, and dream of the day they will be little Greens.


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