Adoption Update!


January 20, 2012 by greenhouse04

Here’s a quick update on our adoption of Eddie and Emma.  Today the adoption caseworker came out and told us that we are officially approved by SRS to adopt them both!  I wasn’t worried about this step, but its nice that its official!  This means that step 8 of the 17-step list I outlined in my earlier post on Dec. 12th is complete, and we are now on step 9!

To review, here are the remaining steps, including the just-completed step 8:

8. SFCS CM will hold a Best Interest Staffing to select an Adoptive Family. DONE!

9. Selected Adoptive Resource will read the child case file. (will do on Monday)

10. SFCS will send the Referral for Adoption Subsidy to SRS.

11. Adoption Placement Agreement (APA) and Adoption subsidy will be signed.

12. Request for Consent to Adopt will be send to SRS (Social Rehabilitation Services – Kansas’ equivalent of Child Protective Services).

13. SRS will provide SFCS with the original Consent to Adopt. (could take 15+ days)

14. Attorney packet will be sent to adoptive family’s attorney. (attorney will complete at will and file at court, at which time a court-date will be set for a least 30 days in the future)

15. SFCS will complete an Aftercare Plan with Adoptive Family.

16. SFCS will obtain certified Journal Entry of the Adoption Decree upon finalization and send it to SRS.

17. SFCS will request release of custody from the court of jurisdiction.

We’ll keep you updated as things progress.


2 thoughts on “Adoption Update!

  1. Mom says:

    Wow — mind boggling! What a relief it will be when it’s all over — we will have reason for a celebration!

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