A Small-Town Pastor’s Wife


February 17, 2012 by greenhouse04

Hubby and Pastor in front of our church, with our home in the background

If you’ve ever wondered what its like to be a small-town pastor’s wife, here’s a glimpse. It means:

  • putting the kids to bed by yourself several times a week because hubby is at church for something or visiting someone
  • being known by everyone in the community, whether you know them or not
  • hesitating to pass a slow-driving church member
  • acting as the unofficial church secretary – which includes making the bulletin, proof-reading for hubby, starting prayer-chains, and making lots of other church documents
  • toting kids to and from church for every church event without hubby’s help
  • living right next-door to church so you don’t have far to tote them!
  • sometimes feeling like you don’t have a real friend in the community, while at the same time you’re friends with everybody
  • listening to the same preacher’s sermons all your life
  • knowing most people in the church are looking at you to see your reaction to something the pastor said, whether funny or embarrassing
  • sometimes being the only person to give the pastor feedback about his sermon
  • being amazed that the mature, knowledgable, loving pastor giving a wonderful, convicting sermon is actually your husband
  • being involved in the spiritual growth of God’s children
  • leading women into a deeper understanding of God’s Word
  • experiencing a community of loving, accepting Christ-followers – in effect, gaining a new family
  • being a normal Christian wife and mother who happens to be serving God as a small-town pastor’s wife.

One thought on “A Small-Town Pastor’s Wife

  1. JNisly says:

    Larissa we are very glad you are our Pastors Wife!! I can’t imagine the load that brings, but know we are supporting you 100% percent!!

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