Adoption Update #2!


February 21, 2012 by greenhouse04

Today was a milestone in the kids’ adoptions. Step 11 was completed and Eddie and Emma are no longer “foster placements” but “adoptive placements!” This means that we no longer get paid for them (our income will be reduced by about 1/3!), and we don’t have to report dr. appointments, accidents, etc. To review, here are the remaining steps to be completed, including step 11:

11. Adoption Placement Agreement (APA) and Adoption subsidy will be signed.

12. Request for Consent to Adopt will be send to SRS (Social Rehabilitation Services – Kansas’ equivalent of Child Protective Services).

13. SRS will provide SFCS with the original Consent to Adopt. (could take 15+ days)

14. Attorney packet will be sent to adoptive family’s attorney. (attorney will complete at will and file at court, at which time a court-date will be set for a least 30 days in the future)

15. SFCS will complete an Aftercare Plan with Adoptive Family.

16. SFCS will obtain certified Journal Entry of the Adoption Decree upon finalization and send it to SRS.

17. SFCS will request release of custody from the court of jurisdiction.

Step 11 was signing two important documents: the Adoption Placement Agreement (APA) with St. Francis, and the Adoption Subsidy Agreement with SRS. In the subsidy agreement, SRS has agreed to continue providing the kids with medical cards, and to cover all legal adoption fees! Children with special needs often qualify for monthly and special payments, but our’s don’t.

The APA officially ends the kids’ identification as foster children, and makes us their adoptive parents rather than their foster parents. On the document, their new names are also written! That was very exciting for me – it doesn’t officially change their names, but its the first official document with their NEW NAMES! It reminded me that we all receive new names when we’re adopted by God… the old is passing away, the new is coming!


One thought on “Adoption Update #2!

  1. vininva says:

    I loved seeing our daughter’s full new name printed on paper. We’re still going through the finalization process, but that moment was when it struck me that we were officially adopting our daughter.

    Congratulations on your finalization!

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