Adoption Update #3!

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March 23, 2012 by greenhouse04

WOW, we are only about a month away from adoption finalization!! We completed the last major step before finalization today – we met with our attorney and signed the adoption petition that he will file at court. Once its filed, the court will set a finalization date in at least 30 days’ time. On that date, we will go to the court with the kids and any family or friends that want to come, and the judge will sign the Adoption Decree, making the children officially ours’ forever!

So, steps 12 – 14 have been completed in my list. The last three steps are completed by our foster agency (SFCS), even after finalization is complete (sorry its confusing!). OUR only remaining step is to go in to the court on the date set and watch the judge sign!

12. Request for Consent to Adopt will be send to SRS (Social Rehabilitation Services – Kansas’ equivalent of Child Protective Services).

13. SRS will provide SFCS with the original Consent to Adopt. (could take 15+ days)

14. Attorney packet will be sent to adoptive family’s attorney. (attorney will complete at will and file at court, at which time a court-date will be set for a least 30 days in the future)

15. SFCS will complete an Aftercare Plan with Adoptive Family.

16. SFCS will obtain certified Journal Entry of the Adoption Decree upon finalization and send it to SRS.

17. SFCS will request release of custody from the court of jurisdiction.

Oh, and Happy Spring!


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