May 16, 2012 by greenhouse04

Wow. How to write about my daughter, “Emma”? She is… well, she is

Enthusiastic and fearless. I think these traits are wrapped up in one another at times. Here are some snapshots of her enthusiasm and fearlessness
running full-speed toward the geese so she can pet them
running full-speed toward the street so she can grab the cool-looking rock
running full-speed toward the merry-go-round as its spinning fast (and going sprawling when it hits her)
climbing the 10-foot slide without asking for help
letting go of the swing chain while high in the air to point to something interesting
running excitedly toward the swimming pool while carrying her big red floatation device, all the while having no idea what she’s running toward
running toward the house as fast as she can while yelling with extreme delight, “gee!! gee!!” (cookie) (yes, we were headed inside to get a cookie).

Her enthusiasm delights us, while her fearlessness keeps us on our toes!

Determined and independent. These traits cause her to keep practicing new skills, specifically large-motor skills. At 18 months she can already
run with knees bent
climb a staircase normally (while holding the wall)
jump with both feet off the ground
blow bubbles and blow out candles
catch a balloon
throw a ball
do a somersault.

Plus, of course, the scary things, like swing high on a normal swing and climb up the front of a slide. Her determined nature propels her to do things like practice stepping off a step over and over and over again.

Stubborn and headstrong. I suppose these are synonyms, but she needs two words to do justice to this part of her nature. Any parent with a strong-willed child can feel our frustration when you hear how Emma does things like
laugh when you put her in time-out
grab the dog food again after you’ve flicked her finger for it multiple times
pull big-brother’s hair again
climb on his chair and try to sit on him again
stand up in her high chair, bath tub, or shopping cart again.

Her stubbornness is teaching me patience, as well as what rules really should be enforced. My motto now is, if it’s not dangerous or downright disobedient, just disregard it.

Sweet, tender, sensitive. These traits don’t shine forth much, especially to others, but they are there. You can see them in the way she
sings along with me before bed
lays her head on my shoulder and squirms her body to snuggle into me
cries whenever I leave
seems sorry when she realizes she just made big-brother cry, and pats his head
gently pets a kitty
hugs the picture of a baby in a magazine
kisses big-brother goodnight
hugs her dolly.

These are wonderful memories.

And, of course, adorable, precious and mine. These words can really only be appreciated by her mother and father. Suffice it to say, she causes
her father and I to look at one another and say, “she’s just SOO cute!!”
a surge of love and joy to overflow in my heart.


One thought on “Em-Bug

  1. Joseph Green says:

    Thank you for sharing this sis! I loved it! God bless you guys!

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