Eddie-Boy: Cute Sayings


May 23, 2012 by greenhouse04

I already wrote a post on Eddie, which you can find HERE, and at the end I promised to share some of his cute sayings. I’m only now getting around to fulfilling that promise! Here are some of the things he’s said in the past six months:

“We need to get in the car and drive to Christmas, because it’s a long way away.”

“Your Christmas tree is fat – it’s going to have a baby.”

“That mountain looks like a baby Christmas tree.”

Me: “My parents took us to the mountain every year when I was a kid.”
Eddie (very sweetly): “AWWWWW! That’s so nice of them!”

“But I thought Daddy was Jesus.”
[After I told him that Daddy was at church preparing to teach people more about Jesus.]

“I love you Mommy – even when you’re mad!”

(In March, with much excitement, two weeks before his birthday) “Halloween is coming!!! And my birthday is coming, too.”

“I want to be a tornado, then next Halloween a train, then a tree… then a ghost.”

“Here’s an egg for you, Daddy! There’s two boogers in it!!”

“I gave Daddy an egg with two boogers in it! And I have more.”

“I have more hair on my knee!… and on my other knee… and on my arms… and on my tummy, just like Daddy!”

Me: “Time flies!”
Eddie: “Where?”

Me: “We’re going to see Julie and her new baby!”
Eddie: “He’s still out?”


One thought on “Eddie-Boy: Cute Sayings

  1. Joseph Green says:

    Anyone that spends time with him will see just how cute he is. I love him and the time I spend with him. 🙂

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