In My Dreams

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June 21, 2012 by greenhouse04

In my dreams…

I was a mom.

I was a young mom – at least by 25.

I had a boy first – I loved having an big brother.

My daughters were named Emma and Annie.

But, it was definitely only in my dreams.

When I turned 25 I was still not a mother, and it didn’t look like I would ever be one.

In choosing to adopt through foster care, we also didn’t get the privelage of naming our children when they were born.

It seemed my dreams were all to be disappointed.

BUT… I have a merciful, loving God!

I have been realizing lately just how loving!

I am a MOM!!

My son was born two months before my 25th birthday! (although I wouldn’t know that fact until later)

My firstborn is a boy, and my daughter has a wonderful big brother!

I don’t have an Annie and Emma, but I do have a —– and a ——-!

So, my dreams have come true. They just look slightly different (and better) than I’d imagined.  🙂


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