One Fourth and Two Firsts

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September 3, 2012 by greenhouse04

It has been a momentous weekend. We’ve celebrated one fourth and two firsts!

This weekend is the fourth anniversary of Mr. Green becoming a Pastor in this rural town in Kansas. What a wonderful, challenging, fast-moving four years! We’ve never looked back.

As for the two firsts, I will only share in detail about one of them. The other has to do with disciplining my son with a method I used for the very first time. All I will say is that, while it was very difficult for me to carry out, it was very effective and succeeded in restoring our relationship!

The other first was Emma’s first Sunday in Sunday School!

As I’m changing her diaper and dressing her for church, I tell Emma that its Sunday, and she gets to go to Sunday School with Teacher Gail! She smiles and says, “fun! Fun!”

As I wonder if she has any idea what I’m saying, I think about the past nearly two years in which I’ve kept her with me in an adult Sunday School class. She started as a tiny, 6-pound baby, who laid on my lap and slept the entire time. She also kept me effectively distracted!

Soon, however, she was a wriggly and growing baby, and once she could walk I was forced to make some changes. Thankfully, one of the classes was upstairs next to the nursery, so I attended that class, putting her in the nursery to play while I watched her and listened to the class at the same time right outside the door. Of course, she soon was a very enthusiastic escapee – I spent almost the entire class chasing her down the hall as she headed for the stairs, bathroom, or tub of basketballs. So, we got a baby gate to put in the nursery door.

After awhile she had to protest the gate, too. She now wanted to go in the room where Eddie and her friend Isaac always were – Teacher Gail’s Sunday School room. She would head straight for that room when we arrived at church, and head straight back after Sunday School was over.

I can scarcely believe that she is now old enough to attend Teacher Gail’s class! Eddie will be starting a new class today with Teacher Larry, and she will take his place at the low, horseshoe table.

An hour or so later, Mr. is carrying a squirmy little girl in a denim dress back to her very first class with Teacher Gail. I follow behind, feeling oddly sad, apprehensive, and proud. It’s only Sunday School! Why should it be a big deal?

Mr. sits her down on her little chair. I catch a glimpse of her serious, uncertain face. Her tiny fist is clenched around a quarter and a penny – they’ve been there since she got dressed at home, and I wonder how successful Teacher Gail will be in getting her to put them in the offering envelope. I tell her bye-bye, and go to Sunday School with my husband – and no children!

A symbol of change – that is what Emma’s first morning in Sunday School was to me. I know its only the beginning of measurable change, her first “rite-of-passage.” Next she’ll be out of the nursery and with us during church, attending JOY Bible Club, being homeschooled, and on and on. I wish she could stay my sweet little girl forever.


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