Sojourn In a Graveyard

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September 19, 2012 by greenhouse04

We went on a family walk through a graveyard tonight. It was perfect.

The perfect family walk. The weather was not too hot nor too cool. The breeze was just enough. The sun was setting across the hazy fields and behind the green trees.

Mr. Green and I and our four children went on this walk – Eddie the Four-year-old, Emma the Nearly Two-year-old, Olver the Dog, and Charlotte the Cat.

[A side note on the names of our pets: Olver is NOT Ol-i-ver, but simply Olver. It’s from our favorite science fantasy series by Robert Jordan. Charlotte was named by Eddie after Charlotte’s Web, but Mr. calls her Catniss Evergray. She is gray.]

We were rather amused that Charlotte followed us the entire way there. “The way there” is about a quarter of a mile or less, but it took a good 15 minutes to walk it, what with four children to herd and keep pointed in the same direction.

At the graveyard the four children explored. Emma knocked over a tombstone – thankfully, it missed her foot. Eddie discovered cactus plants and anthills. Emma destroyed anthills. Olver sniffed all around with enthusiasm, or tried to follow Charlotte to see if she would play. Charlotte ignored Olver and found a tombstone to sit on and lick herself.

Then Mr. found the turtle. It was a smart turtle – it was frantically trying to bury itself in a patch of weeds. We pulled it out, of course, and for the last 10 minutes of our sojourn in the graveyard we watched two small children and a dog exitedly following, pawing, and trying to pick it up. I never knew a turtle could move so fast.

Finally, we headed back for home. I also never knew my nearly two-year-old could run almost a quarter of a mile. She’ll sleep well tonight.


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