The Best Dog Ever


December 6, 2012 by greenhouse04

I never thought I’d say this, but I love my dog.

Only 2 years ago I would’ve told you that cats are the best pets ever, that I’d never get a dog, because why would someone want a pet that’s so high maintenance?

But just this evening I kicked our cat off my lap in disgust, then petted my dog, thinking yet again that I have the perfect one.

Let me tell you about him.

Olver as a puppy

Olver right after we got him, as a 5-month-old puppy


His name is Olver. Not Ol-i-ver, but Ol-ver. It’s the name of a character from the science fantasy series, “The Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan, fourteen of our favorite books. We’ve named most of our pets from that series: Artur Hawkwing the lovebird, Faile our parrot, Morgase the cat, Mat & Min the kittens, Maigden the cat, and now Olver the dog.


His breed is the little-known Chinese Crested Powderpuff. Chinese Crested were bred to be hairless, and many have only a little hair on their ears, face, paws, and tail. Their skin is like human skin, needing clothing and sunscreen for protection! They look very odd. Thankfully, Olver is a Powderpuff, meaning he has hair! His hair is long and wavy, rather fine and soft, and doesn’t shed.

Chinese Crested are small dogs. Olver is only 12 pounds. However, with his long legs and feet and body shape like a small Greyhound, I often forget that he is a small dog.

In general, they are a quiet, low-key, gentle breed. When researching them, I found they are good with children and are rather low-maintenance, other than grooming. With Olver this is all true. He also needs little discipline, as long as I spend time with him occasionally and cuddle with him.

After his first-ever grooming for summer. He looked like a different dog!

After his first-ever grooming for summer. He looked like a different dog!


I found Olver one day in spring of 2011 when our family along with Mr.’s mom went to a local pet store just for fun. They had several puppies, including Olver. The fluffy sweetheart jumped out at me (not literally), so I had to hold him for a minute. He didn’t struggle at all as I lifted him, and was much calmer than the other puppies. He reminded me of my favorite stuffed animal I had as a child, a dog named Spiffen.

At first Mr. was adamantly against buying Olver. He was not interested in a dog. I agreed that a dog would be a big deal, and add a lot to our already busy lives with caring for two young children. But I couldn’t get Olver out of my mind.

Two weeks later our beloved cat, Morgase, died after 3 weeks of not eating. That same morning we went to court to hear the judge decide that Emma’s birth parents would not get Emma back, and that her case would move toward adoption. (You can read about this momentous day here) After court, Mr. and I went to the pet store just to see if Olver was still there. He was. We bought him.

Things I Love About Our Dog

  • He is extremely patient and gentle with our children. Emma can pull his face hair or try to carry him around, and he won’t even growl.
  • He rarely barks inside.
  • He doesn’t shed.
  • He keeps himself very clean. No poo smells coming from him!
  • He’s very cuddly! He’ll lay right next to me on the couch for a half-hour nap, or hop up into my lap and stay there without moving for as long as I let him.
  • He’s friendly – he’s made friends with all the dogs in town, including the big scary ones that usually chase off other dogs.
  • He loves to run and play – and boy, can he run fast for a small dog!
  • He’s elegant. He has this smooth trot that looks made for dog shows!

Some Things Could Change

He has chewed up some of our kitchen cabinets; he still has accidents occasionally; sometimes he barfs; he has a tendency to run off to visit all his doggie friends around town and annoy their owners; and he likes to bark at nothing all night.

But if he didn’t do all that, he wouldn’t be a dog, would he? And if he wasn’t a dog, he couldn’t be the perfect one.


2 thoughts on “The Best Dog Ever

  1. Instant Mama says:

    Nice! But I didn’t see the link you mentioned about Emma’s goal changing to adoption.

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