Beginnings: Eddie

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December 14, 2012 by greenhouse04

Just like with Emma, I had no idea my son was being born one March day in 2008. In March of that year we visited the church that would become Mr. Green’s first pastorate. In May we applied for the position, and in August we were hired and moved to what is now our home. So that was a big year for us.

We didn’t know that it was a big year for us in another way, as well.

Eddie was also born in the same hospital in which I was born (just like Emma), and was also a c-section. He was actually 7 weeks early. His birth mom said they took him early because the cord was wrapped around his neck, but the paperwork says it was because of antepartum fetal distress. But for whatever reason, our son came into the world as a tiny 4lb 15oz, 18 in long baby. He stayed in the hospital for a couple of weeks before going home.

While Eddie was growing, his future parents had no knowledge of his existence. Then one day we were called about the boy who would be our son.

Two months before getting that call we sent our first two foster children home to their mother. We decided a little break was in order before jumping back in – oh, a break of six months or so. We’d rest and get some projects around the house done in the fall and winter months, and in the spring we’d take on more foster children.

We’d even toyed with the idea of quitting foster care altogether – the six months with the brother and sister and then the goodbye had been tough. I’m sure glad we didn’t make that decision!!

One Wednesday evening I went out to eat with the ladies’ group from church. I remember wondering to myself that evening when we’d get another call about a foster child, and that I was feeling ready to take another child on again (even though it wasn’t in our predetermined time-frame).

The very next day we got the call: there’s a 2 1/2-year-old boy who needs a home. You don’t have to decide until tomorrow. He’s at the emergency shelter tonight. He’s a normal, happy little guy, and his name is “Eddie” (pseudonym).

I don’t remember anything about that Thursday except the agony of trying to make a decision. We talked, we prayed, we talked some more, we thought, we prayed some more, we went round and round. Finally, our minds were made up after talking to my dad. He basically said to go for it, because you never know what might happen. You might as well take whatever comes along because eventually it’ll end up in adoption! (My dad has definitely taught me to be a go-getter!)

So, we “went for it.” We said yes.


“Eddie” – hours after arriving in our home for the very first time.

The case worker brought him to our house the following afternoon, at around 4:00. Ten minutes later Mr.’s parents arrived for the weekend. Mr.’s mom taught him to call me “Mommy ——” that first day, which eventually morphed into “MamaReesa” then “MaReesa.” The kids at church still call me that. My first impressions are a little hazy – I remember a very small, blonde, big-eyed, unsmiling boy with an earring in his left ear. He was wearing a bright green surfer shirt that eventually became Emma’s paint shirt. He had no shoes. He had very long eyelashes and a very small nose. Poor little guy. How scary leaving your mother and being taken to a shelter for two nights, then to a strange home where strangers care for you. He was a little automon that first day and for several weeks thereafter – perfectly obedient, quiet, playing with whatever toy we gave him. He didn’t eat much and he didn’t sleep well at first. He would cry and just say that he couldn’t sleep. That was when he bonded with “Mr. Moo” – his blue monkey-cow that used to moo (before he had to be washed 5 times).

A lot has happened since the day I met my son. He’s not always obedient (Yay!! – he has a mind of his own!), he’s NOT quiet, and he doesn’t like to play by himself. He’s still very well-behaved and self-controlled, but he eats well, sleeps great, is independent and curious and expressive, happy and well-adjusted. He’s a different boy.

We’re so happy that your crazy beginnings finally led you to us.

[Read a post I wrote shortly after receiving both children here.]


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