Leap Shrieking


January 4, 2013 by greenhouse04

Emma stood quivering with anger 3 feet from me. She had been denied a piece of candy, and she was MAD. Her eyes were filled with hurt and disbelief, her hands were clenched into fists. I knelt to her level, made eye contact, expressed genuine sympathy but a firmness in my decision. She looked at me a long moment, gave a final wild shriek of rage, and…

leapt into my arms.

Several months ago I began praying that I would be given grace to parent at least a little like my heavenly Father parents me. While some are similar, God is not like any Father I have ever met. He is firm, has high standards (perfection, in fact!), and knows exactly what is in my heart and takes no excuses. But most of all, He loves me.

He has been firm in His denials of some of my desires. But He has also comforted me with tender love and empathy (yes, Jesus understands all our disappointments).

He desires holiness from His child. But He made a way for that holiness to be achieved (Jesus is my Holiness).

His Word and Spirit cut through to the deepest motivations of my heart, revealing the pervasive pride and vanity within. But the cutting is slow and gentle, done with wisdom and great compassion, with the purpose to heal, never to destroy.

He is not lazy or apathetic in His discipline. But He disciplines with the desire of restoring me to Him in love, not alienating me in unforgiveness.

He is a Father who draws me in, holds me in His arms, delights in listening to me, knows just how to comfort me.

That is why I pray that I could parent just a little like He parents me.

So my heart was filled with joy and gratitude when Emma, even in her anger toward me, chose to leap into my arms for comfort instead of running away.

May I never run away from my Father, but always leap, even shrieking.


One thought on “Leap Shrieking

  1. Mom says:

    Thank you Larissa!

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