January 8, 2013 by greenhouse04

I haven’t written much about a phenomenon that we have experienced often over the past 18 months or so. This phenomenon is TORNADOS.

Eddie is obsessed with tornados. Here’s a few indicators of this fact.

He wanted a tornado on his birthday cake when he turned 4. I had no objection – a tornado is pretty easy to draw!

He has watched a National Geographic on tornados so often he can repeat some of the lines.

He sees tornados in everything – the clouds, smoke plumes, even the milk running down the inside of his cup.

The other day we were walking up the alley behind our house, and he asked, “is this Tornado Alley?” (We live in “tornado alley”)

We rode the steam train last summer that Grandpa was driving, and instead of being impressed with the train itself, he said “we’re going fast, like a tornado!” (We were moving at about 10 miles an hour)

He was a tornado for Halloween.

Tornado halloween costume

Eddie dressed up as a tornado for Halloween, 2012

Two of his favorite gifts at Christmas were a tornado top and a thing that you shake to make a tornado.

When we were playing Santa one day, he announced that the North Pole was hit by a tornado, destroying Santa’s house! (But the toys were all underground)

My favorite: his Sunday School teacher reports that when they were learning about Jesus’ birth one Sunday, the town of Bethlehem including the stable was hit and destroyed by a tornado!!

Of course, he has never seen a real tornado. He’s been through one tornado warning when he visited his birth mom in a second-story apartment, and he’s seen a few dust devils this past summer (one was 3 stories high and real close!)

So he doesn’t have a very realistic understanding of  tornados. This is evidenced by the following.

He told me the other morning (after one of his frequent tornado dreams) that if a tornado comes, he’s going to go outside and grab the bottom of it and squeeze (it’ll be squishy). I informed him that while he’s a child and living in my house, if a tornado comes he will go the basement.

He has plans that when he’s an adult he will chase tornados and shoot them with a gun. Or fly an airplane into them.

He thinks that the church wouldn’t be destroyed by a tornado because it’s very strrrooong.

He also seems to think that our small town gets lots of tornados. I sincerely hope we never get any.

He used to think that some tornados are “nice,” and wouldn’t destroy our house. On the contrary, we would invite them inside for supper. It took awhile, but I finally convinced him that all tornados are mean, and always destroy whatever they touch.

On a side note, after hearing about tornados for months and months I’ve even begun to dream about them.


2 thoughts on ““Tornado!”

  1. producerford says:

    That is one awesome kid.

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