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February 7, 2013 by greenhouse04

Our children are blessed to be surrounded by “grown-ups” who genuinely care about them, who invest time in them, and who will make huge impacts on them as they grow.

Here are a few of those “grown-ups:”

“Teacher Gail” – Eddie’s first Sunday School Teacher, and now Emma’s. She listens patiently to little children and gently teaches them about Jesus. Both kids exclaim with delight when they see her, “Teacher Gail!”

“Teacher Larry” – Eddie’s current Sunday School Teacher. Not only does he teach Eddie Sunday School, but he and his wife babysat our kids one evening. They took them out to pet a brand-new baby calf, then to “party” at their house, then Larry took Eddie out in his truck to hunt for coyotes. Eddie shined the flashlight out the window as Larry drove alongside the train tracks for nearly 3 miles! Sadly, no coyotes were spotted. But Eddie definitely looks at Teacher Larry with admiration shining in his eyes!

Tish – my dear friend who absolutely loves Eddie. She taught him the farting game. Yay!

Josiah – a young man who has been known to play with Eddie all afternoon! He’s also had a tea party with Emma on the living room floor.

Youth at our church – it’s amazing to see teenage boys and girls doing nursery duty and not just sitting in the corner, but on the floor playing with little kids.

Uncle Joe – My husband’s radically changed brother who has formed a special bond with Emma – with the help of his cool watch. I have many pictures of the two of them sitting together and just enjoying one another’s company.

Grandpa J. – for a man who doesn’t see himself as good with little kids, he certainly enjoys his grandkids! Overnights, rides in the steam locomotive, and sledding in Colorado are some of the memories he’s giving Eddie and Emma.

Grandpa Green – I was amazed at how he suddenly became young-at-heart while pushing Eddie around Walmart! Talking and teasing – Eddie had a blast.

Grandma J. – she’s like a second mother to our kids. Emma never minds being left with her, and her patient, kind parenting is something I try to emulate.

Grandma Green – if she lived closer she’d also be a second mom. She just relaxes and enjoys her grandkids, letting them be who they are and nothing more.

And many others: the social workers who loved our kids enough to work hard and make tough decisions; Auntie Julie and Auntie Laura; Lisa and Liz; Alison; our neighbors; Uncle Joseph and Aunt Autumn; MuMa. And more – don’t be offended if I forgot your name.

I’m challenged and encouraged as I watch other grown-ups love our kids. Our family is so blessed to be so surrounded.


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