My Baby Kitten

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February 22, 2013 by greenhouse04

Eddie is slightly obsessed with babies right now… playing baby, that is.

These days its very common to hear him say, “Pretend I’m a baby ____ (fill in the blank).”  He’s been a baby giraffe, a baby lamb, and yesterday he was a baby kitten. (Yes, those last two are kind of redundant.)

Yesterday, he not only was a baby kitten, but he was a baby kitten about to be born.

“See, the blood is coming out.” He makes a general gesture toward his rear-end.

“Now the baby kitten is coming out… I’m flowing out on the blood.” You can thank living very close to animals for this graphic pretend birth. And yes, he used the word “flowing.”

A little while later I became the pregnant mommy cat. “Pretend you’re about to have a baby kitten; you’re the mommy cat and you’re really fat because you’re going to have me.” A second later – “I was born!”

I let Mr. know that I just had a baby kitten. His sage and creative response was “You’d better wipe.”

Later, at supper, Eddie was still a baby kitten. He wanted to drink milk because that’s what kittens drink. He had juice instead, but pretended it was milk. As he sipped it from his sippie cup he pretended he was drinking the milk from the mommy cat.

Soon he turns to me and holds the sippie cup near me and says, “You’re still the mommy cat and I’m drinking this milk from you.”

All I can do after this amazing series of pretend-baby-kitten play is turn to Mr. and communicate mirth with my eyes. What an innocent, honest, hilarious kid!

As I was chuckling over the memory later that night and commenting on the fact that Eddie seems to be obsessed with playing baby right now, Mr. told me that he also liked to pretend he was a baby at that age. Usually he was a baby bunny or an injured baby squirrel (this prompted more laughter from me), but the point was that he enjoyed feeling safe and cared-for as he snuggled in his bed at night as a helpless baby animal.

So I’ve decided to snuggle Eddie and make him feel safe and cared-for as much as possible while he still likes to play baby. I never got a chance to do that when he really was a baby, so I suspect this will be my only chance to baby my son. I want to cherish this time with my baby boy, and build a stronger bond between us.

And while I laugh when he pretends that he’s being born from his fat mommy and drinking milk from her, in my heart I’m very sad that didn’t actually happen.


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