Her Children Will Rise Up and Call Her Blessed


February 28, 2013 by greenhouse04

The title of this post is taken from Proverbs 31, which describes a godly woman. At one point the chapter expresses that a godly woman will eventually be praised by her husband and children, as they finally come to appreciate all she has done for them.

I want to pay such a tribute to my mom today, on this her birthday.

I can say with all honesty that if I have any idea of how to practically be a good mother, it’s from remembering how my mom mothered us. It’s not from all the parenting books I’ve read (although they’ve helped), nor from classes I’ve taken, but from remembering my mom’s warm compassion, her nourishing heart, her patience and mercy, her selfless servanthood.

She always took time to listen to us, to try to understand us. Her children and husband and other people in her life have always been the most important things to her. She always had time for us, no matter how busy she was.

I never heard her complain about her lot in life as a stay-at-home mom. She homeschooled three children for several years, then worked very hard to learn how to build and manage websites as she and Dad started a business with the express purpose of helping us through school. This didn’t come easily for her, but she did it cheerfully and faithfully.

She honored her husband in front of us unfailingly, even though I know she sometimes disagreed with him. She honored our wishes and respected us, no matter what our age and lack of reasonableness.

She gave of herself tirelessly, doing dishes and making us desert while we watched a movie; sharing her treats selflessly; staying behind, missing out, and never reminding us of all she did for us.

She made a warm, comfortable home for us. A home I loved to be in; a home where I felt safe, secure, comforted, understood, loved. A home of good smells, good food, soft furniture, clean floors, loving words, happy memories.

I often think of my childhood and my mother as I raise my kids. I love being a mom because I love trying to make such a home for my children. I love trying to emulate her tenderhearted mothering, because I know how I loved it from my mom.

Thank you, Mom. You have blessed me beyond words. May you be blessed!


One thought on “Her Children Will Rise Up and Call Her Blessed

  1. Mom says:

    Thank you Larissa! I love you!

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