March 26, 2013 by greenhouse04

Here is a fulfillment of a promise: an update on my daughter’s potty training progress!

I wrote about the beginning of this new saga here.  Since that post four weeks ago, I am proud to say that Emma is almost completely potty trained! Nighttimes aren’t happening yet, but the following are some very-exciting milestones she has reached already:

  • She is rarely wet after naps!
  • She can hold it for longer and longer periods!
  • Since last week she’s been using the toilet for her “# 2’s”!! (bribing with candy works!)
  • She has never had an accident in the van or in a store!
  • She now tells me when she needs to go!
  • She now orders me out of the bathroom! . . . even insisting that I “shut de door!!”
  • She has a mother who is so proud and pleased that she is freely sharing her daughter’s bathroom details on the internet!

So, there’s the update. Congrats on reading it to the end. 🙂


One thought on “Update!

  1. Gra-ma Jung says:

    I love hearing the progress!

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