Nine Days in a Nutshell


April 6, 2013 by greenhouse04

This morning I was lying in a bed in the ER, Emma laying on me as a nurse pulled the stitches out of her lip.

Ironically, this was the very same bed I was lying in two nights ago.

And this was the same bed Emma laid in last Saturday when she got the stitches.

This is just an introductory snapshot of our crazy past 9 days. Here’s the rest:

Last Thursday   Emma wanders off in town while Daddy’s back is turned. He searches 15 minutes for her before recruiting my help, after which we search another 30 minutes! Mr. finally finds her behind a house 2 blocks away petting kittens. Thankfully, we know everyone in our tiny town, and several neighbors helped search. Emma never realized she was lost.

Last Saturday   My grandmother and I leave in our van (with our carseats) for a bridal shower in a nearby metropolis. An hour and a half later, while we are wandering around lost, Emma pulls a chair on top of her and opens a gash in her upper lip. Mr. finds a babysitter for Eddie, a carseat, and a car and rushes her to the ER (30 minutes away), while she smiles with a huge gap saying “it’s all better!” She comes home with four stitches.

Last Sunday   Easter! We arise before the sun and head out to a field for our church’s sunrise service. The entire day is beautiful. Nothing of note occurs. (Thankfully!)

Tuesday   I wake up at midnight with the worst pain I can remember experiencing, even worse than when my appendix burst back in 2007. My entire torso seized up and I could barely breathe. I literally pray that I would pass out. A neighbor arrives to watch the kids, and we head out for another 30 minute drive to the ER. Four hours later, I’m released with no specific diagnosis, other than my abdomen is full of scar tissue, so I need to be sure and eat enough fiber. (Embarrassing)

Thursday (Yesterday)   I get to clean my carpet several times. First, Emma opens a bag of flour. Then, Emma empties a can of foot powder. Finally, Emma tips over the potty chair. Yes, it is full of potty.

In the evening, we head to my cousin’s house, where we drop off the kids and go out with two other couples. When we return, Emma is a wreak. She had cried half the night, and had refused to potty in their bathroom. She goes TONS before we left, then has an accident in the van (first time ever!), then goes more at home!

And… Today   A great day. Emma’s stitches come out with no problem and her emotional equilibrium returns; I feel back to normal physically; I’m not forced to do any extra cleaning of my carpets.

And that, my friends, is our past 9 days in a nutshell.


3 thoughts on “Nine Days in a Nutshell

  1. Melinda says:

    Good gracious! Life with kids is crazy a lot of the time. I am happy to say that now that Naters is 4, he waders off less. : )

  2. Joseph says:

    Holy cow, and I thought I wanted a girl!

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