Another Surgery, Part Two

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April 27, 2013 by greenhouse04

The last thing I saw were the glaring lights and steril steel of the operating room; the last thing I heard was the anesthesiologist’s soothing voice.

Then I was dreaming – something about Emma.

Then I was waking up in recovery.

A nameless, faceless nurse was with me as I drifted in and out of consciousness. I heard her call the surgeon’s office to set up a follow-up appointment, and could repeat the date and time later (she was very impressed).

At one point I looked at the clock – 10:30. My surgery had started at 9:10. It must’ve gone well!

Eventually, she wheeled me to the same area in which I was prepped before surgery, and helped me into a reclining chair. Mr. and I sat there together for the next two hours, with a nurse checking on me every once in a while.

While I recovered, Mr. told me the surgeon’s report: my gallbladder had been removed successfully. He only saw a tiny bit of scar tissue, so it was easily done laparoscopically.

However, while inside he discovered that my liver’s bile duct was very inflammed and enlarged. He had only seen this one other time in all his years doing gallbladder surgeries, so he was referring me to a liver specialist. He warned that this may require another surgery if the inflammation doesn’t go down. Yippee!

Otherwise, recovery was much more pleasant than after my other outpatient surgery. I wasn’t pushed to get out of the bed and out of the building as soon as I could stand. The nurses made sure I didn’t have a reaction to the pain meds and that I could eat, drink, and . . . do other bodily functions.

By the time I was discharged around 1:00, I walked out of the building with no help from the nurse next to me, climbed into the van, and drove away.

My gallbladder surgery is history. . . now to finish recovering. 🙂


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