A Slightly Political and Strongly Moral Post


August 1, 2013 by greenhouse04

I am not a political person. When my husband starts talking politics, I suddenly can’t hear him very well and become very drowsy. I avoid facebook and blog posts that are political, and have never written one myself.

But today, against my nature, I’m going to write something that smacks of politics, but is in reality about truth, morality and justice.

I’m reading a book called “Team of Rivals” by Dorris Kearns Goodwin about Abraham Lincoln and the men who served in his cabinet. Right now I’m reading about the 1850’s and the all-pervasive slavery issue that eventually led to the Civil War. I am encouraged by the small and radical group of abolitionists who were brave enough to stir up the issue with strong language, even when their Northern political allies begged them to be silent on behalf of “the Union.”

For a long time I have noticed a disturbing trend in our society, in which we link the LGBT rights issue to the slavery issue of the 1850’s and later to the segregation issue of the 20th century. As Ravi Zacharias once said, it offends me to hear these compared, as if they were comparable. Perhaps some think they can be compared because homosexuals are born the way they are, and in discriminating against them you are denying their God-given nature, just as you did when you called blacks less-than-human.

However, African Americans definitely are born the way they are, as are all of us. Not only this, but in reality there is only one race, one human family all descended from the same parents. This scientific fact can be found in God’s Word.

As can the scientific fact that people were made to mate a certain way, and any other method is not only unproductive, but counter-productive. Whether or not you believe those who practice homosexuality were “born” that way or not, we all still have a choice as to the kind of sexual behavior we engage in.

But I’m not writing this argue against the issues of the LGBT agenda; to tell the truth, these are not settled yet in my own mind.

What I am here to argue is that we must stop linking the issues of black slavery and segregation to the issues of homosexuality in our country today, and link them to what is indeed comparable. What I say next may make many of you roll your eyes or stop reading, and as a reserved, non-political person I am nervous to write it myself.

But let me ask you this: where in our society today do we see people unjustly marginalize, denied the rights of life and autonomy, and about whom we are taught blatantly untrue and unscientific ideas which support our “right” to treat them thus?

Yes, the unborn.

Against all truth and science, against all morality, against all justice, we cling to our self-serving right to take the life of people who threaten our convenience, freedom (for undisciplined sex), and wellness.

This is the issue in our country today this most closely compares to the issue of immoral, cruel bondage practiced in our country 150 years ago.

And just as I am proud of the radical, politically-extreme abolitionists of that day, and hope I would have been one of them, may I make myself proud to stand and speak in this day for the voiceless unborn millions living and dying in bondage.


3 thoughts on “A Slightly Political and Strongly Moral Post

  1. The word “counter-productive” surprises me. Perhaps you do not know as many gay couples as I do. One rarely discusses these things, but sex in those relationships helps to cement the two together, just as sex in heterosexual relationships does. The two become one flesh. And only a tiny proportion of copulations results in a birth, so that cementing may be seen as the primary purpose of sex.

    As for abortion, I would have more respect for the anti-abortion side if it eschewed legal restrictions and practical restrictions like demonstrations outside clinics, and did something worthy of the name “pro-life”- by working to give better choices to pregnant women who, as things stand, need an abortion.

    Slavery is comparable to gay rights, also, in that Evangelical preachers in the 19th century made a strong Biblical case for slavery, particularly of Africans. These Biblical arguments are no longer made: we supersede them, because rather than looking at the individual verses we look at the overall message of Love.

    • greenhouse04 says:

      Thank you for your respectful response to my post, Clare! I do/have had gay friends, but you are right, I do not know as many gay couples as you do. When I said “counter-productive,” I was not speaking solely in a reproductive sense. (In fact, we haven’t been able to reproduce, but we definitely still have sex!) However, as a follower of Christ, I believe that all things – our thoughts, words, actions – must align to His design, or they will eventually prove to be “counter-productive” – in stronger language, simply destructive. I believe that this is the source of all destruction in the world, although this gets into a discussion of philosophy, religion and worldviews that I don’t really want to get into here!

      For abortion, I tend to agree with you. This is why my personal fight against abortion involved counseling women at a crisis pregnancy center, and now indirectly involves caring for children in the foster system who would be higher-risk once they are grown. At our pregnancy center we emphasized working to help the mothers, not simply try to “save the babies.” This is vital. Sadly however, I learned that most women do not take the “better choice” offered to them – in my opinion, adoption. However, as I strongly believe abortion is wrong and in fact is a crime against a person, it would be wrong of me to ignore the issue politically and legally, just as it would have been wrong for me not to agree with the abolitionists of the 19th century.

      As for your last point, I would have to research exactly what biblical evidence the preachers of the 19th century used in support of slavery. As a bible major in college, whatever evidence they came up with was obviously skewed by their interpretation and ignored the overall message of, as you say, love. Homosexuality is, however, directly referred to as wrong in the bible, and I cannot reinterpret that based on my own leanings, just as I can’t reinterpret Psalm 139 which states that the psalmist was “knit together in his mother’s womb.”

      If you’d like to learn more about my views on homosexuality and the bible, please read a book written by a fellow college graduate of mine, Christopher Yuan, called “Out of a Far Country.”

      Thank you again for your response!

  2. Colleen Floyd says:

    Perfectly said, my hats off to you..proud of you

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