The Pumpkin Patch


October 15, 2013 by greenhouse04

I had a flash-back last night.

Last night we went to the pumpkin patch. The kids petted bunnies and piglets, climbed hay bales and tire towers, went down the huge slide, and pumped water into buckets.

The first time I watched Eddie pump water was three years ago. As I watched him last night, I remembered that trip here, my very first. It had been Eddie’s first time, too.

Three years ago he was two years old, a somber, almost robotic-like boy. He’d suffered the worst shock of his life only two weeks earlier, when he was taken from his loving mother and plopped in a strange home.

Three years ago we had just met our son. We were another two weeks away from meeting our daughter.

Last night it was hard to believe that the energetic, daring, exuberant Eddie was the same boy who timidly walked through the patch three years ago.

It’s hard to believe that three years ago he wasn’t my son. In his heart he wasn’t, and in my heart he wasn’t. He still belonged completely to someone else.

But now he belongs to us.

Tonight as I tucked him into bed, my eyes happened upon the photo of Eddie and his birthmom that hangs on his wall. It surprised me, that as I looked into the face of his first mom, I didn’t see Eddie’s mom anymore. Then, as I looked at Eddie lying in bed, I didn’t see her son. I only saw my own.

Two-year-old Eddie at the Pumpkin Patch

Eddie at the Pumpkin Patch, 2 years old…

Three-year-old Eddie at the Pumpkin Patch

…three years old…

...four years old

…four years old…

...five years old.

…five years old.


3 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Patch

  1. Colleen says:

    your thoughts brought tears to my eyes, God must smile when He sees this transformation in His precious little boy

  2. Instant Mama says:

    Love this. What a journey.

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