A New Year

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January 24, 2014 by greenhouse04

Ok, it’s rather late in the “new” year to be writing a New Year post, but this new year has already brought some big new changes, and I just had to write it anyway!

First off, we got a new bed! Then, we got a new washer and dryer!

Oh, yeah, and then we got a new baby!!

Yes, that’s right, there’s a new little one at the Green House. He’s sleeping in his little bassinet right now, making his characteristic grunts and groans every once in a while.

While he is new, the hopes, fears, and crazy emotions that come with him are all-too familiar. He’s a foster child, and that means that nothing about his future is certain. Of course, we’d love to adopt him… we love him already… but a little over a week in is way too early to know what will happen.

I’ll have lots to write about now, and lots less time to write in. So, who knows how many posts you’ll be seeing here in the months to come. Hopefully, my next post will be all about our first days with “Baby M.”


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