Chronicles of a Foster Family: “There’s a Baby Who May Need a Home . . .”

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January 27, 2014 by greenhouse04

I’m going to attempt a series called “Chronicles of a Foster Family,” in which I’ll give you a glimpse into what it’s like to be foster parents. These stories will revolve around our latest foster son, “Baby M.”


If you’ve ever answered the phone and heard the words, “There’s a baby born two days ago who may need a home on Monday… would you consider taking him?” you’ll know the excitement and apprehension that brings.

Over two weeks ago, the kids and I were at a nearby library for the story hour. It was a beautiful day, very warm for January, sunny, calm. I felt the best I’d felt in months. I almost felt like I hadn’t had a major surgery five months earlier, and the virus that had settled in my neck muscles seemed to be gone.

A thought laced with anticipation passed through my mind: this is a great day to be asked about a new foster child. I just bet Jenna [our social worker] is calling us right now, during this hour that I’m away from home.

Moments later, the thought was gone, and I didn’t remember it until an hour later, as I listened to a message left on our home phone. “Hi, this is Jenna. I’m calling about a baby boy who was born Wednesday, and who might need a home on Monday…”

I called her back right away for more information. She had none, other than that he was healthy, and had been discharged from the hospital and into the care of the emergency children’s shelter. His court was early afternoon on Monday, after which they’d know if he needed a home. They were hoping a relative would show up at court and be able to care for him.

I told Jenna that we were interested, and would give her a final answer on Monday after we learned more. We spent the weekend wondering if our lives would change on Monday. . .


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