Chronicles of a Foster Family: “Did You Say Yes?”

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January 29, 2014 by greenhouse04

Previous Post: Our social worker, Jenna, asked us about possibly taking a newborn boy one Friday, and we were waiting to learn more about him (including if he needed our home) on Monday afternoon after his court hearing.

Monday morning rolled around, and our apprehension about what might happen later that day began to rise.

We’d decided to go to town later in the morning and do grocery shopping, eat lunch, and basically wait around to hear from our social worker. We kept busy with these plans for a few hours, but as the time of the court hearing came. . . and went . . . we still hadn’t heard anything.

As we wandered aimlessly around Walmart with two bored children, our patience began to wear out. Waiting with apprehension is the worst kind of waiting. Your nerves build up and up, it becomes difficult to focus, and very difficult to deal with hyper kids. With each passing hour I wondered if this would be our last as a nice, controlled, predictable family of four, and if in the next hour we would be stepping off the cliff of the unknown.

Finally, we went to a park that was near our foster agency. Mr. had to use the facilities in a bad way, but because it was winter, the park’s bathrooms were closed. We decided to just head over to the agency building, use the bathrooms there, and see if there was any news.

At the foster agency I noticed a worn-out-looking woman who was obviously waiting anxiously for something. She finally went into a room where she sat alone.

Shortly afterwards, as we were waiting for Jenna to come fill us in on the latest, two ladies came hastily into the building carrying a tiny baby in a carseat. They tucked the carseat and a few bags back behind the front desk, where they huddled together in whispered consultation.

At this point, Jenna came out and told us she still hadn’t heard from court. (By now it was two hours after Baby M.’s hearing time.) We were getting ready to go back to the park, and Mr. was outside with the kids, when one of the carseat-carrying ladies came up to me and asked if we were the Green’s. After I told her we were, she said she had Baby M. here, and he did indeed need a home. I followed her behind the desk to catch my first glimpse of the tiny babe, and she turned to me and asked with some urgency,

“So, did you say yes?”

At first I stared at her blankly. She repeated herself, anxious for an answer. “Did you say yes?”

I realized that we hadn’t given Jenna an answer about the baby!

So, what do you say when your husband is elsewhere, and you’re suddenly confronted with saying yes or no to a baby you know nothing about?

Of course I said yes.

It was a little hesitant, a little blundering, but it was a yes.

So here I am today, cradling a 3-week-old in a sling while typing this post. Sometimes it’s the quick, seemingly blundering decisions that change your life the most.

Next Post: I find out who the worn-looking woman is, and we take Baby M. home for his first night in our family!


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