Chronicles of a Foster Family: “Dear Diary”


January 31, 2014 by greenhouse04

Previous Post: We say yes to the social worker and take on a newborn baby boy. I meet his birth mom, then we bring him home.

So, we went home and finally said a proper “hello.” And, as parents of newborns know, we’re still saying “hello” as we continue to get to know our foster son!

I’ve been amazed at how smoothly the past 2 1/2 weeks have gone with Baby M. He’s slid into our family life with ease. The kids (namely, Emma) have welcomed him and seem nearly unaffected by the changes. I haven’t been too distraught or stressed by the unknowns Baby M. brings (yet), and we’re nearly done with the flurry of meetings and appointments a new foster child requires.

Here’s my diary entry from January 17th, four days after bringing Baby M. home:

M—- is such a sweetheart! I’m in love with him already, which makes caring for him easier, but thinking about the future harder! But no one “owns” the future except God, and He has given us today. And today I get to mother a sweet newborn baby boy.

I was reminded the other night when I was lying in bed feeling overwhelmed that Jesus loves the children. Poor M—- had nobody to take care of him when he was born – no extended family, no church family, friends, parents – but he gets all that with us. We were ready and able to welcome a homeless boy into our home.

Good thoughts for me to remember in the months to come. (And that’s why I write)

Next Post: News about Baby M.’s alleged father, and we go to his first doctor visit (which is not as simple as it sounds).


One thought on “Chronicles of a Foster Family: “Dear Diary”

  1. Instant Mama says:

    Loving this chronicles series!

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