Chronicles of a Foster Family: Hello Again after First Overnight

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May 15, 2014 by greenhouse04

In my last post I described saying goodbye to Baby M. for his very first overnight visit with Dad. The next day we said “hello again!” as we welcomed him back home.

My “hello” to Baby M. was said at the Dr. office, where I met his mom, dad, and case worker for his 4-month check-up. I was there first, and a few minutes later the three adults and Baby M. arrived. He was asleep in his car seat, with very rosy cheeks. I checked him in, then we all made small talk as we waited.

Baby’s dad said the overnight went well, although Baby didn’t eat from 3:30 to 8:30 the first day (!). I gave him some tips for successful feedings (M. is a pretty picky eater – only likes Nuk bottles and lukewarm or cool formula). Both parents said he was fussy that day, a comment I’ve heard quite often after their visits with him. I don’t mention that he’s rarely fussy at our home… I know the poor guy will adjust to living with his dad eventually and his fussiness will decrease.

We were finally ushered back to the examining room, and Baby was weighed (15 pounds!) and measured (68th percentile!). While we waited for the doctor Dad played with Baby M. It was endearing to watch – Dad got M. to giggle and talk, and it was pretty obvious that Dad was proud of and delighted in his son.

Then the doctor came in, and we were told what we knew – Baby M. is healthy. At one point while she was poking and prodding M. started to cry, but he immediately calmed down with just a word and touch from me. Like I’ve expressed before, I’m so glad he loves and trusts me because it will make it easier for him to bond with a new caregiver. But his love and trust will also make it harder to let him go.

After the check-up was done we all walked out to my van and Dad strapped him in the car seat. Mom and Dad kissed him goodbye, and Dad said, “Take good care of him.”

And that is what we’re doing until his next overnight.


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