Ten Years, Looking Back

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June 12, 2014 by greenhouse04

Here’s ANOTHER post about our ten years of marriage! This one looks back to see where we were each year.

YEAR ZERO: Wedding!
On Saturday afternoon on June 12, 2004, I walked down a church aisle in Kansas toward the man waiting at the end, the love of my life. After saying our vows, we kissed for the very first time!1


YEAR ONE: College Graduates!
After marrying, Mr. did an internship at a rural church in Kansas for the summer, then we finished our last year at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago together. For our first anniversary, we ate at a high-end American restaurant in Chicago, right next to the pond where we got engaged. Our total bill was over $150!




YEAR TWO: China!
Finished with college, we exercised our freedom and youth and went to China to teach English for a year. Our second anniversary was celebrated at a “Western” restaurant, eating “steak.”

In Tienamen Square

In Tienamen Square


We returned to my hometown in Kansas and Mr. got a job at Office Max and I did home health. We enjoyed our cozy little apartment and started trying for a family. In the midst of that, however, my appendix burst and left me “wallpapered” with scar tissue (to quote my fertility specialist).

Our cozy apartment in Kansas.

Our cozy apartment in Kansas.


YEAR FOUR: First Church!
Right around the time we celebrated our fourth anniversary, Mr. applied for his first pastoral position at a small church in rural Kansas. Two months later, we were asked to come and minister there! We’ve been there every since, and love it still.

New home next to our first church!

New home next to our first church!


YEAR FIVE: Big Decision
One month before our fifth anniversary, Mr. told me “Let’s do foster care.” We’d been praying and talking about what path to take to parenthood, and he was finally the one to make the decision. Hearing those words took away the stress I felt and gave me faith that this was the path God had for us.


YEAR SIX: Finally Parents
Our sixth anniversary found us four months into becoming foster parents to “Jake” and “Ellie”. Wow, what a lot of painful growing those months had seen!

First kiddos

First kiddos


We didn’t know it for sure then, but we were finally a family! We had welcomed “Eddie” and “Emma” into our home 8 months previously, and we were another 10 months away from adopting them.


YEAR EIGHT: A Family Forever!
Our 8th anniversary was filled with joy and gratitude, as together we had made it to the end of a very long and scary road and Eddie and Emma were now forever ours’.


YEAR NINE: More Challenges
Our ninth year saw the coming and going of “Mari”, another foster daughter, and two more surgeries for me, plus a trip to China.

Homeschooling Eddie, the addition of Baby M… each year seems to bring new adventures. I wonder what our eleventh year will bring?


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