Ten Years with Mr. Green

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June 12, 2014 by greenhouse04

Today is our 10th anniversary!

I don’t write much about marriage on this blog, probably because my marriage is one of the least stressful parts of my life. Or, maybe because I don’t put enough thought and effort into it! So, let me talk about my husband a little bit.

My husband is my best friend. He’s my home, my family, my comfortable place. I wouldn’t say our marriage is extremely exciting or passionate right now, but we know each other and like each other (most of the time). And when we come to the place where we don’t like one another, we work it out (sometimes loudly).

Yes, we do have arguments (gasp)! Our most famous argument was as we were driving. He said, “Did you see that cat?” I said, “I saw it. It was a dog.” He: “No, it was a cat.” Me: “No, I’m pretty sure it was a dog.” He: “I can see! It was a cat!” Me: “Do you not believe that I know a dog when I see one??!” And on and on…. Finally, we stopped long enough to realize that we had been looking out opposite windows!

My husband is not an argumentative person, which is good, because I can be. (He does love a heated philosophical or political conversation, however.) He is a very neat person; in our home it’s not the wife reminding her husband to put his things away! He also loves to grow things (trees, flowers), which is at the bottom of my priority list.

But mostly when I think of my hubby, the Marine Corp motto comes to mind: Semper Fidelis. He embodies this motto (which is fitting, because he’s a former Marine). He is faithful to everything God has given him to do and to everyone God has given to him. He does his best in everything; he’s a faithful and wise steward; he waters and prunes and tends – and he does this for his flock, too, and not just his lawns and trees. He humbly seeks advice, and he’s a fountain of wisdom that sometimes astonishes me.

I love how my husband is engaged in the life God has given him. Of course, he “escapes” every once in a while, but when we talk he looks me in the eye, and he (usually) listens. We laugh together, play with our kids together, pray together, talk about ministry together (we used to do ministry together, too, before three kiddos). We’re learning together how to support one another in the midst of our sometimes stressful lives, how to give to the other without expecting anything back. But I get so much back in loving my husband.

Thank you, Husband, for who you are and for being a faithful man of God. I love you.
Our Wedding Day


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