New Foster Daughter

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January 13, 2015 by greenhouse04

It’s kinda crazy that I haven’t written until now… for the past week I’ve had thoughts, worries, questions swirling around in my head, all to do with a new foster girl we may get today, a girl I’ll call “Nadia.”

So now I’ll write about it – briefly, however, as I’m also in the middle of homeschooling my son.

Last Monday we were called about a little girl, 14 months old, who needs a home that will be open to adoption. Adoption is a possibility already, because the parents are in the midst of losing their rights to their older children, who live with a family member. The family member doesn’t want this youngest girl, and possibly not even the next youngest, a girl of almost three. We’re a little nervous about the possibility of adopting TWO more children, but we’ll take it one step at a time, and care for the 14-month-old for now.

We spent an agonizing afternoon, evening, and night trying decide whether or not to take Nadia. For some reason, this was the hardest foster decision I’ve made yet; possibly because she’s older, and we’ve had bad experiences with Emma and little girls in the past; possibly because I’m very content with life right now and don’t relish the thought of it changing drastically again.

But three things helped me find peace with our decision to take her: first, my husband wanted to; second, she can’t crawl or walk yet, and I love the idea of giving a stable, loving home to a neglected child and helping her thrive; and third, it’s likely we’ll be able to adopt her.

And it was also nice to have seven days to prepare ourselves and our children for Nadia’s arrival. During the past week, I’ve talked often about Nadia to the kids, helping them see her arrival from her point of view and how we’ll need to work hard to help her feel safe and happy. We’ve prayed for her. We’ve decided to be a team, and take care of her together.

I’ve tried to prepare myself, although it’s really hard to prepare for something when you have absolutely no idea what to expect. I basically know as much about Nadia as I’ve shared in this post. I don’t know her last name, why exactly she’s coming into care, or what she looks like. I don’t know if caring for her will be extremely difficult, or surprisingly easy. I don’t know if I’ll like her right away, or if she’ll feel like a stranger for weeks…  Honestly, right now I feel like I’m about to walk off a cliff into utter darkness.

I’ve felt this way twice before that I can remember: when we were leaving for China, and when we were about to get Baby M. And the funny thing is, we’ll be getting Nadia exactly one year to the day after we got Baby M.! (Who, by the way, I’m going to start calling Eamon in this blog.) God carried us through both circumstances and brought more blessings than we could imagine, and I can trust He’ll do the same with Nadia’s arrival. When the future looks dark, I can have complete faith in Him… He’s never failed me yet.

So, now for the “funny” stuff about our decision to take Nadia. First, her name: it’s a version of a name I spent months convincing Mr. we should name a daughter years ago. Mr. now loves this name, so, we’ll call her it and change it if we adopt her.

Second, her birthday: it’s the same date as Emma’s (three years later).

Third, her arrival day: the same date as Eamon’s arrival day one year ago.

Finally, our fortune cookies (haha): we went on a date last week, and our fortune cookies said “Something beautiful will change your life for the better” (Mr.’s) and “A new venture will be a success” (mine). And the Chinese word I needed to learn? “Daughter.”

I’m not superstitious, but it sure seems like the stars are lining up for Nadia’s arrival!

Or, maybe God is giving me small signals of His approval. After all, I don’t need signs to know that it is good to care for “orphans and widows in their distress.”

So stay tuned – by this time tomorrow I should have lots more to tell!


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