No New Foster Daughter


January 13, 2015 by greenhouse04

The title says it all: we have no new foster daughter.  😦

We waited around in town all afternoon, expecting a phone call from our social worker sometime after 5:00, telling us to come get Nadia. We did get a phone call, but it was to tell us instead NOT to get Nadia, because Nadia was sent back home.

I don’t get it: how parental rights are being severed for older children, while a younger child still resides with those same parents.

And I’m bummed. We spent an entire week preparing ourselves for a new little one. And now, nothing. I think this could be what a miscarriage feels like. It’s a sting. It especially stings because it reminds me of how difficult it has been for us to become parents. It has been an uphill battle all the way.

And all those “signs!” Well… I know even more now not to trust “signs!” But I CAN trust my heavenly Father, who knows all, sees all, understands all. And that’s nice when I’m struggling to understand.

Well, I still have my beautiful, vibrant little family. I’m so thankful for them! One week ago I hesitated to accept a third child, because I was so content with the little family I have. And I still am!

On a side note, we saw Eamon (“Baby M.”) today. This is the one-year anniversary of his coming to us, and we were supposed to be getting a new little one. Instead, as my heart stung with the disappointment of no-new-little-one, I saw my little Eamon, and was reminded that he’s NOT mine, although he was for a while. Bittersweet day, indeed.


One thought on “No New Foster Daughter

  1. I know the heartbreaking feeling. Nothing anyone says can make you feel better… Getting a phone call one day that there is a little one who needs a forever home to a call the next day that plans have changed. While your heart is breaking into two others tell you that’s what happens when you are a foster parent and provide no comforting words at all.
    ❤ Licensed2Love

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